Monday, October 22, 2007

Reading Festival

I attended the Reading Festival today at Yohan's school. The theme for this year is Race Into Reading. This twice a year event aims to foster the love for reading among children. Students are requested to wear something related to racing.

Yohan's racing attire was a last minute thing. We wanted to buy patches related to car racing but due to the recent blasting incident at Glorietta mall, we decided not to go there anymore.

I was busy with the village newsletter the whole Sunday morning and only had the rest of the afternoon to think of Yohan's "racing" attire. Jules and I thought of going to the market to buy a polo shirt and hopefully find some patches. We went to many stores but we couldn't find any appropriate ones. We also couldn't find black and white chekered cloth which we wanted to add to the shirt. Luckily the lady who sold us the white polo referred us to another lady who could sew logos and names. The logo involved photocopying of sample, tracing pattern, etc. Since there wasn't enough time and the lady was nice enough to set aside what she was working on to accommodate us on the spot, we decided to go through with simple names. Ferrari was too long so we settled with Honda. :)

The names didn't seem enough so we went to my MIL for some help. She had some strips of red cloth that she added to the polo ~ front and shoulders. The red stripes gave the shirt a good touch.

If we only had patches, it would have been really nice but I'm still happy with the results ...

The Reading Festival was a fun-filled activity highlighted by Story Telling, Show and Tell of favorite books, a Book Fair and all kinds of parent and child games. There is also an ongoing book drive this week called Adopt-a-school program. All the books will be donated to a chosen school.

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