Friday, October 19, 2007

Add Zest to Your Computer Clock

I’m always on the computer. When I have extra time to spare, I turn it on in the morning to check my mails and comments on my blog before getting ready to take my son to school. I have more free time to spend on the computer in the afternoon, after my son’s class.

I have several favorite icons on my desk top, each with a unique and significant purpose. I have one for downloading images, music and video on the Internet, a multi-media player and more. I enjoy changing my desktop theme from time to time. I like the personal touch and customizing the theme based on anything that interest me.

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I have a typical computer clock that functions for one thing, tell time. Wouldn’t it be nice to have computer clock on your desktop that does more than that? Imagine a computer clock that can play your favorite tunes. I find it a cool idea combining functions of a clock and a music player into one.

I like downloading MP3 files on my computer and I listen to my favorite songs while browsing on the Internet, blogging or reading my e-mails. I found out about Atomic Alarm Clock and its cool customizable computer alarm clock. It’s a fun and cool replacement for the typical Windows tray clock, like the one I have now. The Atomic Alarm Clock allows you the liberty of choosing from 100 skins. That’s a lot of choices and you can change the look of your clock as often as you want. This cool clock can alert you about important events using different alarms. It is equipped with an atomic-time synchronizer which lets you monitor time seconds, day, date, countdowns and system UpTime.

You can avail of the trial version for 60 days. Please feel free to contact for a free license key.

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