Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Advertising is a Powerful Tool

Advertising is a powerful tool in today's modern world. Advertising helps build customer awareness and interest. As a customer, I believe in the influence of advertising because a good strategy can boost sales of a product or service.

All over the world, small and large companies give high importance to advertising. Many large companies launch different kinds of advertising to promote goods and services to its target market. The impact of advertising is very evident during launching of new products. Companies invest large amounts of money to come up with combination of advertising such as radio, TV, print and billboard. In the recent years, online advertising has become another popular advertising tool.

Radio advertising is one of the popular forms of advertising. I remember being captivated by many radio commercials especially those with catchy jingles. Here are some examples of radio advertising costs in UK. The link offers several UK and Ireland Radio station advertising. Radio commercials are generally cheaper compared to TV commercials but still achieve a good degree of awareness and interest among target customers.

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