Monday, October 15, 2007

Boosting Sales with Shopping Cart Software

My friend started making jewelry as a hobby a few years ago. She would buy all sorts of beads, charms, semi-precious stones, crystals, etc. At first the pieces she made were for personal use. Her creations are beautiful and many people admire her talent in customizing personal jewelry. When my friend received many favorable comments and inquiries about her custom made jewelry, she decided to make her hobby a business. She started accepting small quantity orders.

She now has several people working for her in making her jewelry. She consigns her pieces to large department stores and often take part in bazaars. Inspired by her good sales, she is contemplating of selling her jewelry on-line but she does not know where to start.

Ashap Commerce can help her set up an efficient shopping cart software to facilitate her on-line store. In this modern time, an ecommerce software can help boost her product sales. My friend is very excited about this promising and exciting business development. She hopes it will help make her jewelry well known in other countries.

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