Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween Costumes

Just a few more days to go and Halloween is here. I love hearing children laughing with excitement as they merrily go house to house on Halloween night. It’s nice to see them in their Halloween costumes, carrying different kinds of baskets or bags. Hopeful that when they go home, their baskets or bags will be full of yummy treats from their Trick or Treat activity.

My friend is very busy at this time because of her business. She makes all kinds of custom made costumes for children and even adults. Most of her clients are children and every year she receives a lot of orders for Halloween costumes. Due to the demand for costumes, she decided to make ready made costumes that she can bring to malls. She successfully distributed many Halloween costumes to big named stores on a consignment basis and it’s doing very well. Only a few designs are available as ready made but most of her popular designs are still custom made.

With this encouraging development in her business, she can move one step forward by getting a shopping cart software for her website. It will be a great opportunity for her to offer her quality costumes worldwide.

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