Saturday, February 28, 2009

Megan Corkrey, My A.I. Favorite

I'm sad that my American Idol favorite, Megan Corkrey didn't get a slot for the top 12. She caught my interest when she auditioned in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was her birthday that day and she sang "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man". Last February 25, she sang the song "Put Your Records On" by Corinne Bailey Rae. I love how she sang that song but she just didn't earn enough votes to keep her in the competition. Megan is young, gorgeous, talented and so full of life. I'm really sad to see her go but I hope that many doors of opportunity will open for her.

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HaloScan Problem

Some of my blog friends told me that they couldn't leave comments on my site today. My comment box is having a problem. I tried visiting other friends who are also using HaloScan and it seems my problem is not an isolated one. Apparently, there is a problem with HaloScan right now. :( I hope things will resume to normal soon.

For the mean time, kindly leave your comments on my chat box (located at the left side of my blog). Thank you.

edited: 5:05 p.m.:
I received this in my email:

Hi Rachel,

I just wanted to personally apologize for the Haloscan outage. We're working hard to restore full services.

You can learn about the issue here:



Chris Saad
VP Product and Community Strategy

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Photo Hunt :: Thankful

Come and join the hunt here

edited: 6:42 p.m.: I think HaloScan is accepting comments again. *Crossing my fingers.*

HaloScan (my comment box) is currently having some problems. Kindly use the chat box on the left side bar for your comments. Thanks!

edited: 10:52 a.m. : I made a mistake about today's topic. I retained the original photo and added another one. I also made slight changes on the content of this post. Thanks Teacher Julie for informing me about my mistake.

Every child is a beautiful blessing. Let us do our best to provide our children with their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Let us nurture them in every way we can so they can grow into wonderful individuals. I'm very thankful to have been blessed with a son. He means so much to me.

A personal drawing.

Photo taken on my last year's birthday.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Aloha Friday #60

Rules: Post any question on your blog on a Friday, share your answer and sign Kailani's Mr. Linky. Then have fun answering the questions of fellow participants by visiting their blogs.

Do you always finish what you start? Or are you the type who easily gets bored and quits? Rate yourself from 1 - 10 in this aspect:

(10) Finisher ---------------------------- (1) Quitter

I would probably be a 7. I admit that I'm good at starting things but there are times when I lack the discipline and determination to finish my endeavors. Generally, I like to see things through but sometimes I can't help but get sidetracked. This is an area that I would like to improve on.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lovebird In Mourning

Lovebird in quiet mourn.

My son loves animals. I remember his nursery teacher telling me how enthusiastic Yohan was on Show and Tell Day (Bring a Pet). He loves all our pets and he even prays for them at night. We have a Labrador named Bruno, a flower horn fish, a small tank of guppies, two lovebirds and two African lovebirds.

Two days ago one of our love birds died. I noticed how quiet the birds were that day. I usually hear the distinctive chirping of the African lovebirds but that day, they were strangely quiet. When I checked I noticed that one of the lovebirds was standing on the lifeless body of its partner. I realized that the birds must have been quietly mourning for their dead friend. When I told Yohan, he felt deeply sad. I didn't let me see the dead lovebird anymore. I told him that soon we need to buy a new lovebird so that the sad one will have a new partner.

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Fast, Easy and Convenient Online Shopping

Just a few more weeks and it's my son's summer vacation. I'm really looking forward to this break because it means I'll have more free time to do as wish. It would be a great opportunity to focus at home. There are some things that have always been at the back of my mind. This summer, I would like to go shopping for new home furnishings and decor.

I would like to start by getting some new pillows for the bedroom. I might as well go shopping for new cotton linens. The living room also needs some refreshing touches like new curtains and throw pillows for the sofa. There are also some garden improvements that I've been contemplating on. I want to add some hanging planters in our trellis. I'm sure our gardener can find some floral plants suitable for this. Flowers always have their way of adding color and cheer to the surroundings.

Online shopping has become more popular over the years. ShopWiki is a great source for all kinds of housewares ahd home maintenance products. Consumers can now find it easy to make fast, easy and convenient purchases.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3 Word Thursdays #16

3 Word Thursday Small 125x94
meme rules:
*photo must have 3 words in it
*post your photo on your site with a link
back to Ma Vie Folle (or grab button)

I bought this freshly baked bread at the mall earlier this afternoon. According to the packaging, it's called Four seasons Bread. I know it's just food coloring but I can't help but be attracted by this colorful snack. :) It tasted good. I'm glad I wasn't disappointed. It would have been better with a glass of refreshing mango shake.

*I'm posting this meme earlier than usual.*

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Functional and Stylish Bathroom

Many modern houses today circle around three important factors: function, style and comfort. Many homeowners and designers value the combination of these characteristics in a home. Time and effort are invested in planning and designing the bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, entertainment room and the bathroom.

In older times, the bathroom’s most important feature is functionality. Today, homeowners and designers make the bathroom as comfortable and pleasing to the eyes as possible. In fact, people prefer stylish and elegant Bathroom Suites.

Do you want a lovely bathroom at home? Picture how you would want your bathroom to look like. Start envisioning colors, designs, styles, and accessories. Work on those ideas one by one. You may begin by painting the walls of your bathroom with a color of your choice. Try a color that is gentle and soothing to the eyes. If you’re not sure about what color to pick, consider neutral tones because they are easy to blend with other colors. Pick tiles that will compliment the walls. If you choose plain tiles, you can add border or accent tiles with a lovely design. It is best to invest on quality bathroom fixtures. Try adding bathroom furniture pieces such as cabinets to serve as extra storage for your bathroom supplies. For a touch of aromatherapy, you can put candles or scented oils.

You can also get ideas by reading home design magazines. You may visit bathroom showrooms to see bathroom display set-ups. You can get ideas about how to combine bathroom furniture and fixtures. Another option is to consult with a professional home interior designer.

** Courtesy of Better Bathrooms **

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday #53

Last week hubby won a friendly badminton match. There was no trophy but he brought home a box of goodies for us. :)

Please visit my Wordless Wednesday #53 at my other blog to see what he brought home.

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Yohanism #30

Yohan: "Mom, did you know that during the day the cloud is the umbrella of the earth and at night it is the blanket of the earth?"

"How interesting. Where did you learn that?

Yohan: "From teacher."

"That's a nice way to put it. Thanks for sharing it with me."

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Getting a Tattoo

A tattoo is a permanent marking on the skin. Tattoos have been used for many centuries now. Some tribes used tattoos to mark one's status or rank in the society. It has also been used as some form of rite of passage. Some tattoos symbolize religious aspects while others signify more personal things. In today's modern world, a tattoo has become a form of self expression. I think that every tattoo is a work of art.

When I went to Boracay, a famous beach in the Philippines, I saw different kiosk-like areas offering professional tattoo services. Huge posters of tattooed bodies are displayed in such places. I find tattoos fascinating. I have seen many beautiful tattoos; some in black and others in color. I do not have any tattoo on my body. The closest thing I've had was a henna tattoo which is only temporary. My friends and I had henna tattoos done at the beach. It was a fun experience. My two friends chose dragons while I picked a simple butterfly design.

The tattoo artist told us that getting a permanent tattoo should not be done on a whim. A tattoo should having meaning for the person. To learn more about tattoos, you can check out this Tattoo Chat. Remember that a tattoo is something personal and should be treasured.

Tennis Lessons

When I was in first year college, I took up tennis lessons with two of my friends. We enrolled in a group tennis lesson program. My parents didn't immediately buy me my own racquet because the program provided participants with Tennis Racquets and tennis balls. Half way through the program, I asked my parents if I could have my own racquet. They saw my interest in the sport so they didn't hesitate to buy me one. I remember how happy I was that day when I got my Prince tennis racquet.

My friends and I finished the group tennis program. We had a wonderful time and gained new friends. There was a tennis tournament on our last day. The three of us all earned respective medals. My parents got me a personal trainer so I could continue my tennis lessons after that. Sadly, after several months, I stopped my training because I had to concentrate on my academic subjects and numerous school organization activities.

It has been years since I last played tennis. I would like to be given a chance to play again. Summer is fast approaching and I'm considering taking up this sport again.

** Courtesy of Do It Tennis **

Tagged :: Top Three Things

I was tagged by Kay to do this meme:

1. Rachel
2. Rach
3. -

1. my birthday
2. my wedding anniversary
3. my son's birthday

1. Helped my son with his homework.
2. Checked my e-mail.
3. Talked to my best friend on the phone.

1. blogging
2. watching tv or dvds
3. reading

1. tulips
2. ice cream cake
3. new book

1. blogging
2. taking photos
3. reading

1. Boracay
2. Hong Kong
3. Singapore

1. Strawberry Shake
2. Dalandan Juice
3. Frozen Margarita

1. cellphone
2. wallet
3. face powder

1. purple
2. blue
3. pink

1. Alabang Town Center
2. Festival Mall
3. Glorietta/Greenbelt

1. Yohan
2. Jules
3. my parents, my brother

1. angel figurine from my best friend
2. photo albums, digital photos saved on my computer
3. jewelry

1. spending quality time with my family
2. get together with friends
3. laid back weekends

1. It's fun to do.
2. It's easy to answer.
3. I just feel like doing it.

I'm not tagging anyone but please feel free to do this meme.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Free Wordpress Theme

I have been blogging for a few years now. My passion for online journaling continues to grow stronger each year. Heart of Rachel is very special to me because it's my very first blog. I also have a wordpress account which is hosted for free by a dear blog friend as a bonus gift for joining her blog contest.

My wordpress account is very simple. I think it would be refreshing to change the theme. For those who are looking for beautiful wordpress themes, you can check out Premium Free WordPress Themes. The site offers many unique, lovely and interesting themes. The best part of all is that they are free.

Weekend Snapshot #62

To join this weekly meme, click here.

Happy Birthday to Yaya Lolita

These photos were taken last Friday during the birthday celebration of Yaya Lolita, my MIL's very loyal and trustworthy housekeeper. She has been in their family for many years. She took care of my hubby and siblings when they were young.

Yohan came to the dinner party with three red balloons for Yaya Lolita.

The birthday celebrant cooked all of the dishes down to the desserts (leche flan and buko salad).

Cucumber slices and fresh lettuce (not in the picture)

Pancit (Yohan's favorite)

Favorite condiments

Kare Kare (my favorite Filipino dish)

Pork Barbecue

Roast Chicken

Birthday cake for Lolita (from my BIL and his family)

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Fast and Easy Way to Make Webpages

A website's primary purpose is to establish presence in the world of the Internet. Many companies put up websites in order to give their firms a professional image. It's also a perfect way to advertise a company's products and services.

In this hi-tech age, a website has become a popular medium of advertising. Putting up a website used to be a tedious process and involved a lot of money. Now, there are innovative and less expensive ways of putting up a website. Take fore example the website builder. First Page has come up with an amazing html editor that allows you to easily and quickly create webpages. The site offers various webmaster tools, guides and valuable articles that can help developers.

Blog Advertising

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Festival of the Arts '09

Yohan's school celebrated ART Tayo! Festival of the Arts '09 from Feb. 16-20, 2009. The culminating event of the week was the Field Demo and Art Galing! activities held last Thursday, Feb. 19 on school grounds.

Activity 1: Field Demonstration - All the students prepared special numbers for their parents. The preschool, grade school and high school levels had their respective presentations.

Preschoolers getting ready for their cheering activity.

Activity 2: Clay Molding - Preschool students were asked to mold their favorite land and water forms.

Yohan making his won Volcano and Waterfall.

Yohan pretending to be burned by the lava.

Activity 3: Exhibit Viewing - All the students' works were put up on the walls around the school.

Grade School and High School art works on display.

Yohan's art work entitled 'The Scary Underworld'.

Activity 4: Heart Designing
- Every preschool student was given a heart frame with his/her picture. Each heart had a plain frame for students to decorate.

Yohan's decorated heart frame.

Activity 5: Paper Folding - During this activity Yohan's adviser told me that she discussed paper folding in class a few days ago. To her surprise, Yohan said that another name for paper folding is Origami. :)

Hubby and son creating different kinds of origami.

Hubby and son created a basketball hoop, leaping frog, and paper airplane (not in the picture).

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Maver's Blog Birthday Bonanza

My blog pal and grade school classmate, Maver of Gossip Gehl is celebrating her 1st blog anniversary in just seven days. She's giving away a Smart Prepaid Broadband Kit! Check out her Blog Birthday Bonanza to learn more.

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Home Security Measure

Security and protection are important considerations for most families. In our present day environment, safety has become a big issue for many households. There are people out there who are always ready to take advantage of others. Sadly, home robberies remain to be a major concern in many parts of the world.

Protecting your home from unforeseen danger means keeping the members of your family safe and secured. Prioritize the safety of the people you love by providing them with a good and dependable means of security. Establishing security measures in your own home will give you peace of mind whether you're in the house or away on a trip.

One easy way to safeguard your home is by getting a Home Security Camera. First time users can start with something basic which could be easily upgraded into a higher security system based on one's needs.

A popular type of security that people prefer nowadays is the video surveillance system. You can watch and monitor a robbery taking action. The visual feed can be used as strong evidence to police authorities.

Security cameras offer different kinds of features. You can go through all available models and determine which home security camera best suits your needs.

** Courtesy of SmartHome Discounts **

Camera Critters #34

It's nice to wake up to a sunny and breezy Sunday morning. It's a long weekend because Yohan doesn't have class tomorrow. The government has announced Monday, Feb. 23, 2009 as a special holiday for all public and private schools in observance of the 23rd anniversary of the 1986 People Power Revolution (EDSA 1).

I'm inviting you to visit my Camera Critters #34 entry on my other blog. Thank you.

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Protect Privacy Online

You have the option to feel absolutely secured when using the Internet. This vpn service can help protect all your vital information. You can shield your privacy and prevent your password(s) from being stolen.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yohanism #29

Yohan and I were watching an episode on Animal Planet featuring lions and their preys. Lions are one of the top predators in the food chain but they have their share of ups and downs. The program we were watching showed a small family of lions with very young cubs. A large group of buffalos ventured their way and began attacking the cubs. I hate seeing poor defenseless animals getting hurt.

Me: "Yohan, give me the remote. I can't watch this part."

Yohan: "Don't worry mom. I'll just cover your eyes with my hand."

He did cover my eyes and I waited for that part to be over.

I'm happy to say that all the cubs survived that attack. The adult lions decided to move their cubs to a safer place.

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Keep The Romance Alive With These Gifts

They say February is the month of love. Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to shower your love and affection to the person dear to you. Valentine's Day is over but that does not mean you lost your chance to make that person feel special and loved. Treat each day as special as the rest.

Keep the romance alive by surprising the love of your life with a sweet gift. You don't have to wait for a special occasion to give someone a treat or a surprise. Here are some wonderful gifts that you might consider:
  • Flowers - A single rose or a bouquet of flowers is guaranteed to cheer up someone's day.
  • Love Letter - Write down a few sweet lines on paper. Get a pen and do it the old fashioned way. That's more personal than e-mail.
  • Cake - Find out the person's favorite cake and deliver it personally to the doorstep. Are you great at the kitchen? You get plus points by baking one yourself.
  • Gift Certificates - Surprise your loved one with a shopper's gift certificate or perhaps a treatment at the spa.
  • Dinner Invitation - Treat that special person to a wonderful dinner in town.
  • Jewelry - This is perfect if you're feeling extra thoughtful and generous.
  • Weekend Getaway - Make reservations at a wonderful resort and spend quality time together.
**Courtesy of Jewelry Art Designs**

Photo Hunt :: Warm

Come and join the hunt here

How to make
warm cups of chocolate using tablea (cacao chocolate):

1. Combine tablea and water (1 tablea : 1 cup of water) in a saucepan under medium heat.

2. Mix the combined ingredients until it reaches a boil.

3. Continue mixing until you achieve a smooth consistency.

4. Pour mixture in cups/mugs end enjoy this delicious warm drink.

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Anime: Yesterday and Today

Did you know that the word Anime is a Japanese shortened term for Animation? I often hear the word Anime referring to Japanese cartoons or characters. I realized that I have already been exposed to Anime when I was a young girl. I remember how my brother and I were so hooked on watching Voltes V in the early 80s. Voltes V was dubbed in English when it was shown in the Philippines. It was later on dubbed in Tagalog. Voltes V stopped airing a long time ago but it has remained alive in the hearts of fans.

Today young children have many favorite anime characters like Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Card Captors, Hamtaro and Bakugan. Anime has become so popular that you can now see them everywhere. You can watch Anime on TV and DVD. There are also many Anime magazines, toys and video games available in the market.

If you are into Anime, you can meet other Anime enthusiasts through Anime Chat. The site is a perfect place for Anime Lovers to converge and chat. Meet new and interesting friends. You can meet interesting people who share the same passion for Anime. Share your favorite Anime characters, magazines, programs, toys and more.

How To Create Your Own Bathroom Suite

In this modern time, more home owners have shown their desire in combining function with style, comfort and fun. Take for example the bathroom. Today many modern homes have functional and at the same time elegant looking Bathroom Suites.

Here are some tips on how to create your very own bathroom suite:
  1. Choose quality bathroom sinks, counters, toilets and bathtubs. To help you choose, you can check out bathroom showrooms where you can see actual bathroom set-ups.
  2. Add bathroom furniture like cabinets where you can keep bathroom supplies.
  3. Paint your bathroom walls with a nice, soothing color. You may choose a neutral tone and add different bathroom accents to add more color to the surroundings.
  4. Bathroom tiles can liven up the bathroom. Bathroom tiles come in different sizes, colors, materials, patterns and textures. Choose the size of tiles based on bathroom size.
  5. Pay attention to small bathroom fixtures. You'll be amazed that bathroom taps come in many designs and styles.
  6. Add functional racks for bath towels and hand towels. Make sure all the racks have similar designs so they won't clash with one another. Stainless steel racks are a popular choice for modern bathrooms.
  7. Fresh plants give a nice touch to the bathroom. You can also add candles and small oil burners for aromatherapy.
** Courtesy of Better Bathrooms **

Friday, February 20, 2009

Kitchen Improvement Tips

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. It is mainly used for food preparation and cooking but in the recent years, more people are extending their modern kitchens to entertain guests. Here are some simple kitchen improvement tips that might interest you:
  • Keep your kitchen clean and clutter free. Keep counter tops clean by keeping a handy kitchen rag nearby. If there are items left unused for a long time, it is best to store them away.
  • Choose kitchen lights that keep the kitchen naturally well-lit.
  • Organize your kitchen things. For example put all your cook books in one area where you can easily find them. Put all baking supplies like pastry rings, pastry brushes, cookie cutters and cake decorating sets in one drawer.
  • Put some kitchen accents to add color and beauty to the surroundings. Find some wall frames, hand painted tiles, decorative plates, jars and plates that you can display in your kitchen. Make sure your choice of decorations will compliment the existing theme or color of your kitchen.
  • Protect your stainless kitchen sinks from scratches by putting plastic or rubber matting.
  • If possible, plant herbs in small pots and put them by your window sill. You can use fresh herbs as cooking ingredients. Herbs can also add touch of life and color to your kitchen.

Aloha Friday #59

Rules: Post any question on your blog on a Friday, share your answer and sign Kailani's Mr. Linky. Then have fun answering the questions of fellow participants by visiting their blogs.

What food do you miss terribly?

I miss eating ice cream cake. I think the last time I had some ice cream cake was back in grade school. Yes, it has been that long. How I would love to bring home one of those delicious looking Häagen-Dazs ice cream cakes. *slurp!* :)

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