Thursday, April 03, 2008

"I Love You" Birthday Cake

On the day of my birthday, Jules was very busy with two events. He facilitated a badminton tournament in the morning and our village sports fest in the afternoon. I only saw him for a brief moment after lunch when he surprised me with a dozen roses. It was a thoughtful gesture that I was grateful for but I missed his presence on my special day. When he got home that evening, he was quite tired. I admit I felt a little sad that we weren't able to celebrate my birthday the way we used to.

Two days after my birthday, Jules baked me a cake to make it up to me. Here are some photos...

Jules and Yohan decorating the chocolate cake. Look at Yohan's hand ~
he loved turning the cake stand.

After decorating the cake, Jules put it inside the fridge for a while because the icing was starting to melt. You could tell it was a hot day. Jules served the cake after dinner and to my surprise, he added special candles. He said he was already planning to bake me a cake and as if it was meant to be, he saw these special candles at the store. There was only one set left so he bought them right away.

Jules adding the special candles.

"I Love You' candles ... I thought it was so sweet.

Thank you very much to my "Baker Boys" ~ Jules and Yohan.

Can you tell how happy I was?

Yohan helped me blow the candles on my birthday cake but he requested that I light them again so he can have a chance to blow it all out by himself. :)

Finally the moment Yohan was waiting for ..
blowing the candles on my birthday cake.

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