Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Heads or Tails #29

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Heads - Tip
Tails - Anything that Rhymes with Tip

For this week's theme, I chose Heads - Tip. I would like to share some tips on the importance of recognizing the small things that our children do, especially the young ones. Giving a child a positive remark is a great way to foster good behavior. It's one form of positive reinforcement that you can do. Let your child know how much you appreciate his action/behavior through simple words like "good job", "wonderful work", "you did very well" and other encouraging remarks when he does good things like ...
  • finishing the food on the plate
  • brushing his/her teeth after a meal
  • finishing his/her homework
  • taking a nap in the afternoon
  • sharing toys with others
  • putting toys away after playing
  • giving you a drawing he/she did
  • bringing home a nice project from school
  • getting a good grade in school
  • and so on

Inspire your children to continue doing good things by letting them know that you appreciate what they do. Simple words can mean so much to a child.

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