Friday, April 25, 2008

Pizza and a Movie

After buying groceries the other day, we decided to stop for some pizza. We ordered Pizza Hut's Supreme Pizza and for an added amount, we chose a stuffed crust called Cheesy Volcano. Isn't it a catchy name for a crust? It's called Cheesy Volcano because it's like an explosion of 3 cheeses bursting from the crust.

After our snack, we decided to check out what movies were showing. I was thrilled when I found out that Forbidden Kingdom was already showing. I've always enjoyed Jackie Chan movies and I'm a fan of Jet Li. It's a rare combination for a film which I didn't want to miss. I heard that Forbidden Kingdom opened at No.1 at the box office with $20.9 million in ticket sales.

Jules, Yohan and I watched the movie together. Knowing that there were some fighting scenes (martial arts), I briefed Yohan before the movie started to remind him not to do any of the fighting scenes and stunts in the movie. We all enjoyed watching this adventure and fantasy based movie. As expected, Jacki Chan didn't fail to make us laugh.

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