Saturday, April 26, 2008

Quality Bathroom Fixtures

One part of the house that I'm quite particular of is the bathroom. When my husband and I had our house built, we wanted to make sure the bathrooms were nice. We don’t have a large house but we made sure the bathrooms had ample space. We maximized the space by choosing the right bathroom fixtures and we also had granite countertops installed for both bathrooms. One thing we invested on was quality faucets and showers. The good thing about quality fixtures is that they last much longer than ordinary ones. In the long run, you are able to save more money.

It’s been several years since we had our house built. It would be great to have some renovations in some areas of the house particularly the bathrooms. We currently use shower curtains in our bathrooms. Shower curtains prevent the water coming from the shower from splashing in other parts of the bathroom. However, when one is not careful, the rest of the bathroom floor tiles still manage to get wet. Shower curtains also need to be replaced from time to time. It would be nice to have shower stalls instead of typical shower curtains. I would love to have glass shower enclosure with sliding rooms for both bathrooms.

After a tiring day at work it would be rewarding to go home and take a long, pampering bath. Just imagine having your steam shower with the jetted shower capabilities and steam kit. It would be like having your own personal steam room in the comforts of your home. I'm sure many would love to have this installed in their bathrooms. A nice steam shower could help anyone release some of the body's tension and stress. Think of it as a personal luxury that you can have right at your home.

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