Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday #20

I just love Yohan's sense of imagination. He likes drawing the things he sees on TV. Please visit my Worldless Wednesday #20 at my other blog to see his Dragon drawing. Enjoy the rest of the week.

For now, I need to shut down my computer because of thundershowers. I will go back online later when it has passed.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Heads or Tails #31

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edited: 11:15 p.m.

I made the mistake of posting the topic ~mother~ (below) which is scheduled for next week. I won't erase it anymore but I'll post the right one here.

Topic for this week:
Share a special memory

Today is the birthday of one of my best friends. His name is Lyonnel or Lye for short. I've known him for more or less twelve years. I met him in college when we became classmates in a summer class. It was the start of a beautiful friendship. I think of him as my silver lining because I met him during a low moment in my life. He brought back my smile.

I remember back in 1997, (we were already working at that time) I gave him a lovely birthday surprise. I had a special cake personalized specially for him. It was a replica of his car. You see, he was a car enthusiast ever since college. His first car was a customized fuschia Honda Hatchback with hydraulics. It was featured in many car shows.

I tied the box with a sheer purple ribbon and I wrote birthday wishes on it.

I ordered one large purple balloon and had a special birthday message printed on it.

I gave the cake shop a picture of his car and I asked them to copy all the details.
It even had his actual plate number.

I delivered the cake and balloon to his house while he was still at work. When he got home and saw the surprise, he immediately called to thank me. It felt wonderful to hear him tell me how happy I made him that day.

Lye and I are still best friends. We still see each other from time to time together with our respective families. I admit I miss those days when we use to spend more time together but I'm glad our friendship remains strong.

Happy Birthday Lye! I miss you.

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Topic for next this week:

I'm very excited because my mother is coming here for a vacation next week. My Mom and Dad will be staying with us for a month. I haven't seen them in a few years and I can't wait to kiss and hug them soon.

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Fun Party Rentals

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Snapshot #25

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Hi everyone. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Hubby and I were quite busy working on the village newsletter. We are part of the newsletter team which is composed of voluntary residents from our village. It's almost finished and it will be ready for printing and distribution hopefully within the week.

We weren't able to go out this weekend but I managed to take some photos when we had a walk in the village. Well, hubby and I walked while Yohan drove his car. :) He is getting big for his motorized car. I guess hubby and I need to save for a bigger one soon.

The house in the background is not ours. I just thought it would be a nice backdrop.

Jules walking Bruno. Yohan honking his car from behind.

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Blessings Come in Three

I would like to express my gratitude to Hailey, Yenny and Girlie for their kind words. I'm very happy that these lovely ladies featured me on their respective blogs. I feel so blessed.
I came to know Rachel through PMN. A few months back, I was one of her regular visitors, and even up to now. Her blog is such a source of inspiration both for personal and maternal reflections. Rachel has only nice things to say to everyone. I enjoy how she shares her family's adventures and events. ~ Hailey

Rach (Heart of Rachel) - she’s warm and although we don’t talk and chat that much online. I can feel she’s an amazing Mom! She never fails to visit me too! - Yenny

Rach - I learn something new whenever I visit her blog. I love her writing style. Rach is such a warm person, you can feel it in the comments she leaves in your blogs. - Girlie

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Camera Critters #3

Camera Critters

Good day everyone! Hope you're enjoying the weekend. If you have time, please visit my Camera Critters #3 at my other blog. Take care!

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

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Wishing You Sunshine

vaI read this wonderful quote and it just lifted my spirits. I would like to share it with you. Wishing everyone a lovely day.

Somewhere on the great world the sun
is always shining, and just so sure as
you live, it will sometime shine on
you. The dear God made it so.
There is so much sunshine we
must all have our share.

~Myrtle Reed~

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Photo Hunt :: Unique/Funny Signs

Come and join the hunt here.

I wasn't able to go out and find unique/funny signs. I was worried I would have to skip Photo Hunt this week until I remembered this nice, decorative spoon that Tita Princess gave to my hubby a few years ago. I think it's a unique, funny and cute sign in the kitchen. Some of you may already know that the kitchen is my hubby's turf. He is the "chef" in our home.

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Quality Bathroom Fixtures

One part of the house that I'm quite particular of is the bathroom. When my husband and I had our house built, we wanted to make sure the bathrooms were nice. We don’t have a large house but we made sure the bathrooms had ample space. We maximized the space by choosing the right bathroom fixtures and we also had granite countertops installed for both bathrooms. One thing we invested on was quality faucets and showers. The good thing about quality fixtures is that they last much longer than ordinary ones. In the long run, you are able to save more money.

It’s been several years since we had our house built. It would be great to have some renovations in some areas of the house particularly the bathrooms. We currently use shower curtains in our bathrooms. Shower curtains prevent the water coming from the shower from splashing in other parts of the bathroom. However, when one is not careful, the rest of the bathroom floor tiles still manage to get wet. Shower curtains also need to be replaced from time to time. It would be nice to have shower stalls instead of typical shower curtains. I would love to have glass shower enclosure with sliding rooms for both bathrooms.

After a tiring day at work it would be rewarding to go home and take a long, pampering bath. Just imagine having your steam shower with the jetted shower capabilities and steam kit. It would be like having your own personal steam room in the comforts of your home. I'm sure many would love to have this installed in their bathrooms. A nice steam shower could help anyone release some of the body's tension and stress. Think of it as a personal luxury that you can have right at your home.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Pizza and a Movie

After buying groceries the other day, we decided to stop for some pizza. We ordered Pizza Hut's Supreme Pizza and for an added amount, we chose a stuffed crust called Cheesy Volcano. Isn't it a catchy name for a crust? It's called Cheesy Volcano because it's like an explosion of 3 cheeses bursting from the crust.

After our snack, we decided to check out what movies were showing. I was thrilled when I found out that Forbidden Kingdom was already showing. I've always enjoyed Jackie Chan movies and I'm a fan of Jet Li. It's a rare combination for a film which I didn't want to miss. I heard that Forbidden Kingdom opened at No.1 at the box office with $20.9 million in ticket sales.

Jules, Yohan and I watched the movie together. Knowing that there were some fighting scenes (martial arts), I briefed Yohan before the movie started to remind him not to do any of the fighting scenes and stunts in the movie. We all enjoyed watching this adventure and fantasy based movie. As expected, Jacki Chan didn't fail to make us laugh.

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Impoving Vision Through Lasik

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Aloha Friday #26

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If you were to choose only one accessory to wear, what would it be?
I would most probably choose a watch. I'm used to wearing a watch every time I got out. If for some reason, I forget to wear one, I would still look at my wrist out of habit.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday #19

This little one caught my attention on the table. I was intrigued. He was so tiny. Find out more by visiting my Wordless Wednesday #19 at my other blog. Thank you.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yohanism #19

I almost forgot that today is a special day until Yohan greeted me ...

Yohan: "Happy Earth Day!"

Me: "Happy Earth Day to you too. How did you find out that today is Earth Day?"

Yohan: "From Clifford the Red Dog." (Cartoon on TV)

Then I took the opportunity to convince him to make good use of paper. He doesn't like drawing at the back of a used paper.

Me: "Since it's Earth Day, you can do something to help save Planet Earth."

Yohan: "Ok, what?"

Me: "By not wasting paper. Instead of throwing paper, you can use the back part of it for your drawings. "

Yohan: "Ok, I will do that. Will it make the earth happy?"

Me: "Yes, I'm sure of it."

I'm so happy he finally agreed to recycle paper. Yohan asked me to help him make an earth and here is what we came up with...

Yohan's message

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Heads or Tails #30

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(You can also use Direct, Directing)

  • I've never been good when it comes to directions that's why I think I make a terrible navigator.
  • Most guys don't like asking directions but my hubby doesn't mind asking if it's needed.
  • My 4 yr-old son loves make believe games. He has a great imagination. He likes doing "remakes" of cartoons, TV programs and movies that he watch. He likes directing scenes in our make believe games.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Snapshot #24

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We earlier attended the 1st birthday party of Devin, son of my college friend, Chinie and her husband Denn. The theme of the party centered on Pekkle, one of Sanrio's cute characters. Below is the cute invitation.

The birthday invitation.

We all had a wonderful time. Yohan enjoyed participating in the games and even won two prizes. He was fascinated with the magic show.

The parents had a chance to participate in a fun game. It was a Dads vs. Moms game and the objective was to name the tune of children songs. Jules was asked to join the Dads team. The Moms won the game and the host gave the Dads a consequence for losing the game ... a dance number. Ha ha! It was funny watching the Dads dance in the tune of the "Papaya song" (a popular Filipino novelty music).

The Dads were asked to render a dance number as a consequence.

Yohan was in front watching intently as the birthday celebrant and his older sister helped blow the birthday candle.

Cake blowing. The 2-layer cake was lovely with Pekkle as the cake topper.

All the kids received a Pekkle stuffed toy.

Yohan loved his Octopus balloon.

Cute stuff that Yohan got from the party.

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Camera Critters #2

Camera Critters

I'll be going out today to attend two parties with my family and we're also going to meet my brother later who is going back to the States tomorrow. It will be a busy day but I'm looking forward to it.

Please visit my Camera Critters #2 at my other blog. I promise to catch up with my visits when I get home.

Take care everyone.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Photo Hunt :: Thirteen

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My boys playing with the Transformers action figures.

*early Photo Hunt post*

Yohan has a collection of Transformers. I asked Yohan to help me name 13 Transformers in random for the purpose of this week's theme. There are actually more than 13.
  1. Optimus Prime - Autobot
  2. Bumble Bee - Autobot
  3. Jazz - Autobot
  4. Rodimus Prime - Autobot
  5. Scorponok - Decepticon
  6. Barricade - Deception
  7. Frenzy - Decepticon
  8. Ratchet - Autbot
  9. Arcee - Autobot
  10. Grimlock - Autobot
  11. Cliffjumper - Autobot
  12. Starscream - Decepticon
  13. Longview - Autobot
** please pardon me if I misspelled any of them**

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Cool Party Rentals

We will be attending the first birthday party of my friend's son on Sunday at Greenhills West Clubhouse. I'm sure it's going to be another grand party because I remember the lavish party she gave for her daughter when she celebrated her birthday a few years ago at the same venue.

I noticed how grand children's birthday parties have become over the years. I love theme parties. I like how everything is designed to fit and compliment a particular fun theme. Yohan had several theme parties too and I have fond memories of them.

I think there are several factors that make a party fun and memorable. One of them is food and beverage. Guests always appreciate good food and drinks. The venue should have enough room to accommodate guests, party equipment and other Party Rentals. Getting a good host is also a way of ensuring a lively party. A great way of making parties more interesting is by renting Inflatable Party Rentals. It's a great activity for the kids. Another highlight of a good party is the games and prizes. Now that summer is here, pool parties are common and it would be nice to get Water Slide Party rentals.

Aloha Friday #25

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When you're eating chicken, what is your favorite part?
I like eating chicken wings. Below is what we had for lunch earlier ~ Crispy Chicken Wings.

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