Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Weekend at Subic

Hi Friends. Thank you for all your comments while I was away. I had a wonderful time at Subic with my family. We went to Ocean Adventure and the beach. Below are some photos taken during our fun weekend.

L-R: Jules, me, Francis (my brother), Yohan, Cess (my SIL), Noemi (my SIL's sister) and Yaya Dol. Photo taken at Ocean Adventure by my brother's friend, Onang.

Beautiful corals.

Colorful marine life.

Yohan enjoyed looking at all the colorful fish.

Appreciating the beauty of the Lion Fish.

Sea Lion Show

Dolphin Show

The breathtaking jump.

Amazing performance.

Posing with Madison, the Sea Lion.

Me and Yohan getting cozy with one of the dolphins.

Checking out other animals at the Ocean Adventure.

Yohan eye to eye with the eagle.

Souvenirs from Ocean Adventure. Yohan named his octopus, Luis.

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