Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Connecting to India

Jules' uncle, Captain M is an international pilot. He is often assigned to different countries. Last year, he was stationed at India where he has regular flights. He often flies from India to other countries and back. He says that being apart from his family because of work is not an easy task. It's common to get homesick. He flies home to the Philippines from time to time to be with his family for short periods but his work entails him to stay longer away from the people he loves.

Captain M is a good pilot and his colleagues look up to him. I admire his dedication to his work. He is also a good provider to his family, a good husband and wonderful father. It's always nice to have him around because he initiates family get-togethers. When he is away because of work, he always calls home to check on his family, son and daughters.

Frequent overseas calls can be quite expensive. Good thing there are available india phone cards that give customers cheap rates to call India. It also assures clients of great quality as well as connectivity. Talking to loved ones across the miles is a good way to lessen homesickness.

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