Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yohan's Awards and Progress Report

Thank you to everyone who commented on my A Rather Rude Remark post. I'm glad you understand how the guard's remark made me feel. It felt good to unload those negative feelings. Thank you for taking time to send me positive thoughts. I appreciate it.

On a happy note, Jules and I are very happy when we received Yohan's report card. All his grades improved and majority of his grades were O (Outstanding) and several VS (very satisfactory).

To our delight, we were handed two certificates of award from his school. In nursery, they still don't have an honor roll program instead they give out awards to showcase the strong area(s) where a nursery student excel from 1st to 4th grading period. Yohan received the Word Smart Award and Number Smart Award.

This photo was taken at The Nazareth School. I saw this tarpaulin displayed at the school office and thought it would be nice to have Yohan pose beside it.

Jules and I also received the Nursery Progress Report from Yohan's teachers for the Fourth Quarter 2008. Progress Reports are given every 1st Quarter and Fourth Quarter of the school year. It highlights a student's strong points and areas that need some improvement. We're very happy that Yohan has done well in his Nursery class. We also appreciate learning the areas where he needs more help and guidance. Here's the Progress Report below. I decreased the size so it can fit but I hope you can still manage to read the words.

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