Thursday, April 28, 2011

Protect the Hearts of the Young and Innocent

It’s amazing how a simple smile can brighten the mood of the day. It’s music to the ears when a child’s laughter echoes in the room. It’s rewarding to let that sweet melody play in the air. A child’s smile and laughter have a way of soothing the heart. Sadly there are children out there who have lost all reasons to smile. Pitiful cries fill the empty, cold shell where they hide. There’s no melody. There’s only silence; broken occasionally by a soft whimper.

Children are young and playful at heart. They deserve to be carefree. Kids are entitled to fun activities like flying kites, playing tag, blowing bubbles, watching cartoons, playing video games and so much more. However, in this imperfect world, there are some kids who are forced to grow up fast. Instead of toys, they carry sacks heavier than them. Some children are forced to work to help bring food to the table. At the end of the day, their energy is drained. They use whatever extra time they have to rest and sleep rather than play outside. Youthful years fade without them being aware of it.

As parents, we should nurture, love and protect our children. We should motivate them to learn and dream. It’s so hard to believe that some parents turn promising dreams into nightmares. Some parents rule with iron fists. Why subject a child to a painful blow for a wrong deed? How can a child appreciate the beauty of life when every waking day is ruled by fear and pain?

Child abuse is a reality that some children face in their homes. They are robbed of their innocence and deprived of happiness. Physical scars fade in time but the emotional scars lie embedded deep in the heart.

Don't let your child be another victim.  

Remember that every child is a blessing. Embrace your child and let him feel special and loved. Encourage and support your child to become a better individual.  Nurture, guide and protect him as he grows. 

This post is created for The Blog & Twitter Carnival: Child Abuse Prevention.

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