Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat at Dasma

A fashionista angel, a zombie in blood stained shirt and a blue Power Ranger ... Tisha, Dee-Dee and Yohan were all wearing their Halloween costumes when they went trick-or-treating at Dasma earlier today. Carrying their respective pumpkin baskets, the three children went house to house to collect goodies.

After walking two blocks, the blue Power Ranger sat on the pavement and begged, "No more walking." Yohan was pooped out from the short hike. His Dad went to the rescue by getting the car. The trick-or-treaters travelled in style.

One house stood out from the rest because of its life sized Halloween decorations. Freddy Cougar looked uncomfortably real. Skeletons, witches and ghouls greeted children at the entrance. Yohan was hesitant to pose with the frightening characters but his Dad and cousins were able to convince him that they were not real.

The children got spooked when a man in a hideous mask tried to grab them. Some houses prepared Halloween tricks of their own.

Many gave away candies, chocolates, chips and tetra pack drinks. Some gave away ice-cream cones, cotton candies and even barbecue.

Too bad I missed all the action. They dropped me off at Facialhaus for my Diamond Peeling appointment. Yohan didn't seem to mind because his Dad was with him together with two cousins and two aunts.

When I met them after their trick or treat activity, Yohan proudly showed me his basket filled goodies.

Yohan's Uncle Keats treated us dinner at Dayrit's. Yohan finished his rice and roast beef. I'm not surprised how hungry he was after such an eventful day.

He fell asleep on our way home. I guess he was exhausted from all the trick-or-treating.

I'm so happy that Yohan had a wonderful time today.

Muffin Man

Jules was in the mood to do some baking last night. He made two kinds: Raisin and Blueberry Muffins. If you look closely at the photo, the yellow batter is the raisin while the white one is the blueberry.

It just took a few minutes for Jules to whip up the ingredients and put the muffin pans in the oven. Yohan and I didn't have to wait too long to sample the finish the products. I love the blueberry muffins. Too bad Yohan is allergic to blueberry, but he didn't seem to mind. He seemed perfectly happy with his raisin muffin.

Thanks to Jules ... our own Muffin Man.

Here's the simple Recipe of the Muffins:

2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup sugar
1 egg
1 cup milk
3 tablespoons oil

Preheat oven to 425 deg. F. Grease a 6-hole muffin pan. Sift dry ingredients
together. In a bowl, beat egg lightly with a fork. Stir in milk and oil. Add
sifted dry ingredients. Pour into muffin pan. Bake for 20 minutes or until
golden brown.

1. Raisin Muffins - Add 1 cup raisins to batter.
2. Blueberry Muffins - Add 1 cup blueberries to batter.

Yield: 6 pieces

Monday, October 30, 2006

Pili Cake

Our good friend Roy gave us this delicous pack of Pili Cake from Bicol. My son immediately claimed two Pili Cakes as shown here. Jules' cousin who used to work in Bicol, always brought home delicious goodies. I love the different Pili products from Bicol especially the sugar coated Pili nuts. Yummy!

Monday Madness

This week's questions are, once again, from fellow participants!
Want to play along? Visit Monday Madness and join the fun.

1. From bev:
Small town or big city?

I like the cozy feeling of a small town, however, sometimes the grapevine tends to work overtime in small towns. I don't like gossip. I also like big cities because of the many beautiful sites and the great shopping experience. I also like the night life in big cities.

2. From turtlemoonwave:
Do you have a favorite childhood memory, and if so, would you share it?

I remember going to the park on sundays with my parents, my yaya (nanny) and my brother. My Dad would bring a large picnic mat and we would have a nice picnic in the park. Then we usually rented bikes and went around different areas of the park. We played ball games and just enjoyed eating the food that Mom prepared while lounging in the park.

3. From cat:
How do you calm down when something has really upset and/or angered you? Do you swallow it? Call a friend and rant? Go in the bathroom and cry? Punch a wall? Walk around muttering to yourself, complete with scary hand gestures?

I usually feel better if I talk about it with a friend or someone in the family. I always need to air out my frustration and troubles. I really appreciate it when someone takes time to listen to me.

4. From dna princess:
What attratcs you to memes?'

I like answering fun questions and best of all meeting new, interesting people.

5. From mads:
How reliant are you on computers to get through your day?

My day isn't complete without turning on my PC and spending a few hours online. I remember when a big storm hit our area, we suffered prolonged internet interruption. It was almost unbearable.

6. From tizzie:
In a crisis, are you calm or do you panic?

Sadly, I'm more prone to panic. My husband is the calmer one. He helps me keep on track when I'm on panic mode.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Topless Sandals Are Here!

My Topless Sandals finally arrived! Jules uncle who is a pilot, bought it in Japan for me. I was supposed to pay him but to my delight, he gave it to me as a gift. He didn't accept my payment because he said it was his advance Christmas gift for me. How thoughtful!

I love my topless sandals. I haven't seen anyone wearing it yet so I'll probably be among the first few to have a pair here. It's eye catching because it doesn't have straps. It has special adhesive that sticks to your feet. I'm sure people will wonder how you can wear it without falling off. The sandals come with one toe thong. It is like a foot jewelry. Toe thongs come in different colorful beads and it is elastic so that it stretches to fit most feet.

Now I need to have a nice pedicure to show off my new sandals.

Facial for Two

Went to Bioessence Facialhaus with Jules yesterday for our facial treatment. It's been three months since our last facial. We were too busy to set an appointment so we kept delaying our visit to the clinic. Weeks turned to months.

Maggie, my skin therapist greeted us with a warm welcome. I brought her a belated birthday gift. It was her birthday last Oct. 25. Maggie is not only my regular skin therapist but she became a good friend as well. We enjoy chatting during my treatment. We talk about everything under the sun. We often talk about personal things like our families. I feel very at ease with Maggie because of her friendly and trustworthy nature.

It was Facialhaus' 12th year anniversary yesterday. The clinic was decorated with frills and the staff were all dressed at their best. They had a Filipiniana theme.

My routine facial treatment takes 2 1/2 hours while Jules' basic mint facial only takes 30 minutes. Jules usually strolls around the mall to pass the time while waiting for me.

Jules was already in the reception area waiting for me when I got out of the treatment room. We always feel clean and rejuvinated after having our facials.

Later that day, I received a text from Maggie afer we left the clinic. She thanked me for the gift and she said she picked a prize on my behalf. I think the clinic had a raffle of prizes for regular clients. Maggie said I won a free foot spa. I could claim it on my next visit. Now, that's a nice treat.

Carousel Ride

Enjoyed a carousel ride with Yohan. He likes riding the horse as it goes up and down in a repeated motion. The carousel with its unmistakable music and colorful design make it so popular among the children. I told Yohan we'll go to Enchanted Kingdom (amusement park) before Christmas. I'm sure he will appreciate the big carousel there.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Halloween Sale

I just bought these Halloween props at 50% off. I think it's a good find. I love sales!

My son will surely like these Halloween cute gadgets. One is a pumpkin flashlight with black frizzy hair. The other one is a pumpkin basket ideal for trick or treat. The pumpkin basket has battery operated eyes that can blink or light steadily, upon your choice. Only a few more days to go and it's Halloween! My son is excited about trick or treating. He will be a Power Ranger this year. The village is sponsoring a Halloween party this Sunday at our clubouse. Then we're going to bring Yohan to Dasma on Tuesday for another trick or treat. Jules' uncle invited us over. I hope Yohan will enjoy the Halloween line-up this year.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

S&R Replaces Pricesmart

Pricesmart (membership shopping) suddenly closed down several months ago to the great dismay of its members. Pricesmart did not issue a letter or any announcement whatsoever that it was closing down. As a member I felt cheated somehow because I did not get the equivalent one year use of my membership which I already paid in full. It's only my second year as a member. The first year went by without a problem then on the second year, Pricesmart left its members hanging on air without so much as a clue as to what happened to them.

Recently, we heard that new management has taken over Pricesmart. When we went to Alabang branch, we saw that the Pricesmart warehouse has a new name - S&R Membership Shopping. Jules and I decided to inquire if by any chance they accept Pricesmart cardholders. Our inquiry was not in vain. Infact, good news to Pricesmart cardholders, the new S&R Membership Shopping is honoring all valid cardholder members. Just present your old Pricesmart card and they will replace it with a new S&R card on the spot. S&R will officially open in the middle of November 2006 but their office is now open to receive inquiries and process card applications.

Bread Talk Inspiration

I've been craving for Bread Talk cute critters every since I read it on Toni's blog. I even let my husband read it and was hoping that he'd get the message that I wanted some. Guess what? It worked! Jules bought me some yesterday when we went to Alabang Town Center (ATC). We ate them right away but we also bought some for Yohan. I managed to take some pictures before Yohan ate the bread with gusto.

The cute lil' baby is called Baby JJ ... I agree with Toni, it must stand for Jack Jack from the Incredibles. Baby JJ's head and tummy have tasty chocolate filling which made my lil' boy smile. The adorable piggy is called a Sisig Bun. I like the Sisig filling and so did Yohan. Jules, on the other hand, enjoyed the pizza bread thing. Unfortunately, I forgot what it's called but it was remarkably delicious.

Thanks Toni for the inspiration.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Siena's PostCard Swaps

Thank you Siena for the beautiful postcard. My husband found it inside the mailbox along with other letters earlier. It really made my day.

Xian must be a beautiful and interesting place judging by the photos you post on your site. I haven't been to China but my husband went there on vacation a few years ago.

I'm also thankful for establishing a nice friendship with you through our constant blog exchanges. I agree, it would be a nice idea to meet up with one another someday. By the way, hope you my postcard already. I mailed it a few weeks ago. Thanks again for making me smile. Enjoy the rest of the week.

Just wondering, does anybody else want to exchange postcards? I think it's a lovely idea started by Siena. Let me know if you're interested. :D Take care!

A Delightful Indulgence

I love Bizu's Macaron de Paris. I'm addicted to these round pastel-colored pastries.

Bizu describes its bestseller as "sinfully sweet with crushed almonds and luxurious creme ganache flavors that burst in the mouth. The texture is quite unique- as each macaron has a light thin crust that gives way to a soft and chewy cookie that is also light and airy."

It's a bit pricey but one bite on this lovely pastry will make you realize it's worth it. I consider it as one of my delightful indulgences.

I just enjoyed eating my three favorite Macaron de Paris namely Chocolate, Pistachio and Caramel. It's perfect with tea.

It is available in 13 flavors: Raspberry, Rose, Blueberry, Hazelnut, Caramel, Coffee, Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon, Mango, Pistachio, Orange and Mint. Bizu makes them fresh everyday.

My husband and I also love Bizu's freshly baked breads. Among are favorites are Whole Wheat Ciabatta, Multi Grain Loaf and Classic Focaccia Garlic and Basil (perfect with pasta).

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

San Rafael Fiesta

We went to my in-law's house today to attend their fiesta. A fiesta is a festival often in celebration of a saint's day. To thank the patron saints for the blessings, the church assigns a feast day for each of them. Today is the Town Fiesta of San Rafael. San Rafael or St. Raphael is one of seven Archangels. He is also the patron of the blind, of happy meetings, of nurses, of physicians and of travelers.

My mother-in-law prepared a nice feast in honor of San Rafael. They invited our family to share the feast. There were lots of Filipino delicacies. It's a pity I wasn't able to take pictures of the delicious food. I simply love my mother-in-laws' special dinuguan. It is a popular Filipino dish also known as pork blood stew or "chocolate pudding". It is a savory stew of blood sausage and simmered in a rich, spicy gravy of pig blood, garlic, chili and vinegar. It's an acquired taste so it's understandable for other cultures to find this dish unusual.

Yohan enjoyed playing with his grandma's fountain. I asked him not to play with it but his grandma said that it was alright as long as he was enjoying himself. Yohan always gets what he wants whenever we visit my in-laws. They spoil him in a way but I guess all grandparents are like that. :D

Monday, October 23, 2006

Candle Blowing Opportunity

Remember the lilac mini cake we got from the wedding last Saturday? Here it is. Guess who's taking advantage of it? Who else but Yohan.

He is enjoying one of the things he love most -- candle blowing. It's not his birthday in case you're wondering. He just loves to blow candles on the cake. It's a good thing we keep extra birthday candles to give in to his amusing whims.

Monday Madness

This week, 5 more questions from our fellow participants!

1. From: cassie:
Dramas or comedies?

I like both. Sometimes I'm in the mood for dramas and sometimes I prefer watching comedies. I could even watch a drama and a comedy on a single day.

2. From: nutmegnine:
Your neighbor has frequent noisy parties on nights before you need to get up early. Do you confront him directly, call the police, call your landlord, join in the debauchery, or seethe quietly and do nothing?

I would probably ask him politely to tone down the noise and explain my predicament. But if he does not take me seriously, I would make a formal complaint to the village manager.

3. From sherle:
Are you more comfortable in big crowds or small groups?

I'm more at ease in small groups. I get a little uneasy in big crowds esp. if I don't know majority of the people. I prefer small groups and cozy conversations.

4. From zeno:
Do you prefer Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox?

I have always used IE. I can't compare because I haven't tried Firefox before.

5. From briar:
They say you learn something new every day. What new thing did you learn today?

I like this question. Today I've learned the importance of acknowledging your fault. I was suffering from mood swings last night and my innocent husband because the target of my irrational sentiments. When he got home from work today, I immediately apologized for my previous bad behavior. He didn't make it hard for me and accepted my apology at once. He even brought home my favorite pastries. I thought it was sweet that he brought me something nice despite my shortcomings.

A Love Story of Colors

I love the dramatic change of hues as the sun begins to set. The sky starts with a lovely, bright blue. But as the sun slowly descends, the colors begin to mellow. The brightness in the sky fades and becomes a cool shade of blue. It doesn't hurt to gaze at the sky anymore. There's an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the horizon. As the sun bids farewell, you could see tinges of orange, pink and lavender in the sky. It's like a love story unfolding in front of your eyes. I love this transition. I marvel at the sky's beautiful display of colors. I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching this lovely spectacle.

(Photo taken at Ayala Greenfield Clubhouse.)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Henna Butterfly Tattoo

When I went to the beach (Boracay) last summer, me and my friends had henna tatooes done on our legs. Both my friends chose dragon designs because they were born under the Year of the Dragon. I chose a butterfly design because I wanted something simple and I'm fascinated with butterflies.

I think butterflies are very beautiful insects. They seem so delicate and graceful. If you see a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, please don't try to help it because you might injure it in the process. The butterfly is just taking its time but it will find its way out of the chrysalis. Once out, it will wait until its wings dry and it will start its journey.

Have you seen a butterfly coming out from a chrysalis? It's a beautiful sight.

Another Quake

Felt another quake a few seconds ago ... it was 2:24 am when I checked my computer clock. It was another minor quake. According to the news, three earthquakes were felt yesterday and a few more today.

Oh no, there's another one happening right now.

It has stopped.

I'm getting alarmed. I wonder why there are so many earthquakes lately. I hope it's not a bad sign or something.

Hope so.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Lilac Mini Cake

Just came home from a wedding. Aside from the usual wedding souvenir, we got to take home a bonus prize ... a miniature cake. The host announced that there were several mini cakes at stake for those who could find lilac ribbons under their seats. My husband, Jules was lucky enough to find one. We were so excited to bring it home to Yohan. But he was already asleep so we'll just reserve it for tomorrow. Yohan is fond of blowing candles on cakes that's why we always keep spare (birthday) candles at home.

Felt the Ground Move

It's 1:30 am, I just felt the ground tremble. At first, I thought I was just getting sleepy but I realized it was an earthquake. I got a bit scared and I immediately woke up my husband. He felt it too. Our son was already fast asleep. Even though it wasn't a strong earthquake, I still felt nervous. We remained silent until it ceased.

The earthquake lasted around 10 seconds.

Glad it's over.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Last Year's Christmas Decors

Remembering last new's Christmas decors... Jules decorated last year's Christmas tree. Yohan and I helped him a little. Our tree will be two years old this coming Christmas.

The big Santa is always hanged at the lanai. We bought it at a Christmas Bazaar in Alabang four years ago. The saxophone playing Santa grooves to the beat of his own music. It was a Christmas gift to us by my mother-in-law several years ago.

The stockings have personal stitching of our names. I bought them at Festival Mall in Alabang.

The candle sticks, Santa Claus resin figures, Santa on a sleigh and the Nativity were given to us by my Mom. The mini resin Christmas tree came from my mother-in-law. We also have nice parols that were purchased from Bicol.

How about you? How do you decorate your home during Christmas?

Believing in Santa

When I was a little girl, my parents told me about Santa Claus and his Magic List. I was told that Santa always gives gifts to good children on Christmas Eve. I grew up believing in Santa.

When I was much younger, my brother and I would write letters to Santa telling him what we wanted for Christmas. We would put our letters in our respective stockings. Like magic, the letters always disappeared the following morning.

Every Christmas Eve we would receive a present from Santa. The gifts were often too big so we'd find them on the floor just below the stockings.

The most memorable gift I received from Santa Claus was my first Barbie Doll. It was called My First Jeans Barbie. I was very happy and I remember jumping for joy.

Aside from gifts, my brother and I always received fruits like apples and grapes. Sometimes, there were chocolates inside our stockings. Oh, how fun it was to be a child.

There were times, when we discovered that some of our playmates did not receive gifts from Santa. We thought it odd that Santa skipped their houses that night. We simply thought that perhaps, they didn't pass the "goodness criteria" that year. We were always thankful that every year, Santa would pass by our house to give us lovely gifts.

I'm not really sure how it happened but I found out that my parents were behind the idea of Santa Claus. I remember that Santa replied to our letters using my own stationary. It just made me curious and eventually I found out the truth. I didn't have a hard time accepting it. I remember playing along for my brother's sake. I didn't spoil it by blurting the truth to my younger brother. I continued helping him write his letters. To my delight, Santa continued to give me presents. I just don't recall when and how my brother found out the truth.

I have many fond memories of Christmas when I was young. My parents always prepared a small Christmas feast. I really miss spending Christmas with my family. It's been a long time since we've been together during Christmas.

I feel the cold chill in the air. A signal that Christmas is just around the corner. I wish everybody will have a beautiful Christmas this year.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Oh No, Not The Sniffles

I have the sniffles.

I hate being down with a cold because my head hurts and I can hardly breathe. Now my throat is beginning to hurt.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Halo Scan Down Today

I've noticed that HaloScan is down at the moment. It has been experiencing some down time lately. Just in case you notice that the comment link is missing, it only means HaloScan is undergoing some difficulty. Pls. try posting comments a little later. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for dropping by.

Pop Quiz

I've been tagged for the first time by San. Here are my answers.

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn on page 18 and find line 4. "Suddenly we emerged into bright sunshine at the bottom of a gentle incline."
(The Return of the Ragpicker by Og Mandino)

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can.

I could touch the TV.

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?
TV Patrol news

4.Without looking, guess what time it is?
9:00 p.m.

5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?
8:45 p.m.

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
Sound of crickets.

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
Just this afternoon. I watched Jules free the King Fisher that he rescued.

8. Before you started this survey, what did you look at?
The computer screen.

9. What are you wearing?
White shirt and gray shorts.

10. Did you dream last night?
Yes, in my dream I was out having fun with my son, Yohan.

11. When did you last laugh?
A few minutes ago when my son made a comment about the cartoon he was watching.

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?

13. Seen anything weird lately?
I saw a poor bird hanging helplessly on a barbwire because the rope tied to its foot was caught. I think it's weird that some people take pleasure in being cruel to animals.

14. What do you think of this quiz?
Nice questions. This is the first time I got tagged and I enjoyed it.

15. What is the last film you saw?
Devil Wears Prada

16. If you became a multimillionaire overnight, what would you buy?
My dream house, new cars, designer clothes, shoes and bags.

17. Tell me something about you that I dunno.
I'm a housewife who doesn't know how to cook and iron clothes.

18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
I wish end of all wars. I also wish the end of cruelty of man towards man and man towards nature.

19. Do you like to dance?

Not really.

20. George Bush
Another US President.

21. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?
Wow, San we like the same name but mine is spelled differently - Ysabel.

22. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?
If I were to be blessed with another boy, I'd like the name Lorenz.

23. Would you ever consider living abroad?
Yes. I'd like to live with my parents in the States.

24. What do you want GOD to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?
That he loves me and he's glad I could finally be with him.

25. 4 people who must also do this meme in their journal.
I'd like to tag Toni, Siena, Mare and Nadiah.

Hope you have fun answering the questions too. Take care!

Feathers in Distress

Jules saved a poor bird in distress this morning. While we were in the middle of a conversation, he suddenly stood up. Something caught his attention. He said a bird was trapped and hurriedly went outside. I saw him helping a bird that caught it's leg in the barbwire. Jules brought home the poor bird and we saw that one of his feet had a rope tied to it. It was a young Kingfisher. It was a good thing Jules was looking outside the window so he spotted it right away. A few minutes more and a cat might have snatched it. In fact, Jules saw the neighbor's cat lurking from behind.

It was apparent that someone had caught the young bird and tied it up. Maybe good luck was on its side so it got away. I just don't understand why some people can be so cruel to animals. There was a time when I saw some young boys aiming their slingshot at a bird. I reprimanded them on the spot and told them not to hurt the innocent bird. They left without a word. I'm not sure if they heeded my words. I hope they didn't transfer to another location to continue their act of cruelty.

I remember when I was young, I already had a soft heart for animals. My younger brother also felt deeply for animals that's why I couldn't understand how some children can be so mean.

Jules carefully put the bird down and gently removed the rope that was tied to his foot. It was not easy removing the rope because it was knotted several times. Poor Kingfisher. He seemed exhausted and in shock. After removing the rope, Jules noticed that the young bird was very weak. He decided to make a temporary cage (with a curious Yohan watching him intently) so it could rest for a while. We couldn't leave it where it was because a cat might eat it. We gave it some water and left it in peace to regain its strength.

In the late afternoon, it seemed ready to leave. Jules held it in his hands and let it go. It flew and landed on one of the house posts. It flew away after a few seconds. We only hope it did not have any permanent injury. We wish that little Kingfisher will have another chance to live a long and healthy life.

Bruno of Silver Sanctuary

Bruno is a pure breed black Labrador Retriever. He was given to us by Jules' brother, JV. Bruno came from a good line of ancestors. If you look at Bruno's papers, you'll see many names in red, which means that he came from a Champion line.

Bruno was born on October 6, 2000. His parents were Ceasar of Ishtar (black Labrador) and Babs of Kentucky Drive (yellow Labrador). When we got Bruno, he was very small. He fitted in the laundry sink where he was given his first bath.

Bruno is now 6 yrs. old. He has grown into a full sized Labrador. He's very gentle and very affectionate. He loves playing with tennis balls. He enjoys playing catch with the family. The only time you'll hear him bark is when he sees a cat or he wants to call your attention. Otherwise, he is a quiet dog. He's too friendly to a fault because strangers find it very easy to make friends with Bruno which makes him a bad candidate for a guard dog.

Bruno has won several awards in dog shows. He won 2nd place at the Batangas Dog Show a few years ago. He is very intelligent. We had him trained by a professional when he was a year old.

The puppy in the picture is one of Bruno's offsprings. With a heavy heart, we had to give her away because at that time we already had two dogs and taking care of two was already a big responsibility. Sadly, Bruno's long term companion, Miko passed away not long ago.

Bruno was heart broken with the loss of Miko. Nowadays, we play with him more often to cheer him up. He likes going for long walks in the village.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Car Cake

I was organizing some albums and came across these pictures. I remember I surprised Jules on his birthday with a replica cake of his car. I ordered it from Kink Cakes which specializes with custom made cakes. I gave them a picture of the car to use as reference. They even put the plate number of the car on the cake. I was happy when I got the finished product because they paid attention to small details. It was my present for Jules' birthday last 1998. That's quite a long time ago but I'm glad I took pictures. Photos are lovely reminders of happy moments in the past. Looking at pictures help relive those wonderful times.

A Rainbow After the Rain

It's always refreshing to see a rainbow after the rain. The burst of colors is a lovely sight. It's a pity a rainbow doesn't last long. Just like a dream, it fades little by little until there's no more sign of it in the air.

A rainbow is like a promise that better things will come. After the rain and the sky clears, a rainbow paints a picture of hope. It somehow makes you feel that there's always something good that arises from moments of gloom and uncertainty. I'd like to think that a rainbow is a sign of lovely things ahead.

Monday Madness

Name 10 things you would do if you had more.

1. Go on vacation once a month with my family. I love going on vacations but we don't get to do it as often as we want because my husband is usually busy with business.
2. See my parents and brother several times a year. They live in the States and they are often busy with work. It would be nice if we could see each other more often. Time and distance can be hard at times.
3. Sunday lunch with close relatives. It would be lovely to have more time to see close relatives. Nowdays, we don't get to do that often because everyone seems so busy that it's difficult to set a common time for everyone.
4. Try a new restaurant every week.
5. Watch a good movie every Friday.
6. Go shopping more often for clothes, shoes, bags ... the works!
7. Meet my friends at least 2x a week for lunch or dinner. I miss our daily dose of friendly chat.
8. Take up boxing lessons. I think it's a cool sport. I know two women who are taking boxing lessons and they said it's fun and helps tone the body.
9. Enroll in a new activity/lesson every couple of months like photography, dancing, cooking, baking, painting, flower arranging, etc.
10. Medical check-ups. I would like my family to maintain regular medical check-ups in order to be sure that my family has the best of health.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Applie Pie in a Jiff

We bought some canned apple pie filling at the supermarket yesterday. Jules used one can to make apple pie for tonight's dessert. Yohan eagerly watched his Dad make the pie crust. He was anxious for his Dad to finish baking the apple pie so he could eat it. When it was finally ready, Yohan had the first slice. Yohan and I agreed that Daddy did a great job. It was delicious.

I love fun moments like this. Bonding with one another is always a lovely treat.

As requested by Siena, here's the Recipe for Apple Pie (Jules made use of canned apple pie filling but I'm including the recipe for the filling for those who want to use fresh apples.) Enjoy!

Apple Pie Recipe

6 medium sized apples (peeled, cored and sliced thinly)
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 tbsps. all-purpose flour
1/4 cup water
3 tbsp. butter
1/2 cup chopped nuts (optional)
1/4 cup raisins (optional)
1 tsp. cinnamon

2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. sugar
1/2 cup butter
1/4 cup shortening
5-6 tbsps. water

Preheat oven to 375 deg. F. Prepare one 9-inch pie plate.
Prepare Filling. Put apples and sugar in a saucepan. Cook until syrupy. Dissolve flour in water then add to apples together with the rest of the ingredients. Cook unitl thick. Cool.
Prepare Crust. In a bowl, sift together flour, sugar and salt. Cut-in butter and shortening. Add enough water to form a ball of dough. Divide dough into 2, one slightly larger than the other.
Roll out bigger dough to 1/8-inch thick. Fit into the pie plate. Pour in apple filling. Set aside. Roll out remaining dough large enough to cover the pie. Seal top crust to bottom crust by pinching. Flute edges decoratively. Prick top crust with a fork to allow steam to escape. Brush with eggwash. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes or until golden brown. Cool.
Serves 8-10.

Bear-y Sweet


He's cute and very cuddly,
Hugging him is what I do fondly,
Fluffy and so full of charm.
I can't help but lock him in my arms.

~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~

Yohan likes my big brown bear. He was given to me as a Christmas gift by my dear friend Tech several years ago. I call him Twix.

Yohan has his own little bear which he calls Mr. Bear. I bought Mr. Bear when Yohan was still inside my tummy. He is Yohan's first toy.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Things That I Love

I love many things in this world but I've narrowed them down a bit. Here are some of the things that make me happy, make me smile and erase my frowns. They do not fall in any particular order.

1. Waking up to my son's exuberant "Good Morning!"
2. Getting good night kisses from Yohan and Jules.
3. Receiving compliments from family and friends.
3. Watching light romance and feel good movies.
4. Receiving new comments on my blog.
5. Seeing online readers on my blog aside from myself.
6. Eating a slice of Becky's blueberry cheesecake.
7. Shopping for new clothes.
8. Some quiet time to relax.
9. Blogging about life in general.
10. Reading other people's blogs.
11. Looking at a starlit sky.
12. Watching the sunset.
13. A field of sunflowers.
14. A slice of carrot cake.
15. Reuniting with friends.
16. Going to the beach.
17. Fun rides at the amusement park.
18. Winning stufftoys at the UFO catcher.
19. Talking to my parents and brother on the phone.
20. Opening presents.
21. Having our family picture taken by a professional.
22. Candid photos.
23. Receiving cards via snail mail.
24. Breakfast on a sunday morning.
25. Moonbeams on water.
26. Family vacations.
27. Walking Bruno around the village.
28. Leisure car rides.
29. Trying new restaurants.
30. Enjoying a great dessert after a wonderful main course.
31. Eating at Antonio's in Tagaytay.
32. Buying Yohan new trains for his Thomas and Friends collection.
33. Having my parents and brother over for vacation.
34. Jeans that fit just right.
35. Having my haircut and threading at Rever.
36. Getting facial treatments at Facial Haus.
37. Bite sized chocolates.
38. Jules' homemade cooking.
39. Dad's work of art.
40. Mom's generosity.
41. Yohan's funny antics.
42. Yaya's sinigang.
43. Jun'Jun's great sense of humor.
44. Spending quality time with my bestfriends.
45. Bonding with my family.
46. Custom made cakes and pastries.
47. Cuddling in bed with Jules and Yohan.
48. The cool weather during December.
49. Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions with family.
50. A stress-free day.

When I Was Just A Little Girl

I remember when I was young, my mom or my yaya (nanny) would tie my hair in pigtails. My yaya also loved braiding my hair. I had a collection of colorful hair accessories.

I miss so many things back then. Looking back, I M I S S ...

- having my waist length hair styled by my mom or yaya
- playing jackstones, agawan base, patentero and taguan (hide and seek) with friends
- playing dress up with my barbie dolls
- eating whatever i liked and not worrying about calories and cholesterol
- simple joys like going to C.O.D. with my parents to watch Christmas shows
- receiving aginaldo(presents) from my ninongs and ninangs (godparents) during Christmas
- collecting all kinds of Sanrio items especially Hello Kitty, My Melody and Little Twin Stars
- blowing candles on my birthday cake
- trading stationaries and stickers with my friends
- having plenty of time to play with my dog
- having picnics with my family
- wearing cute girly dresses
- sharing a home with my dad, mom and brother
- getting gifts from Santa Claus
- being carefee and oblivious to the problems around me

It's so nice to reminisce about the past especially when you have fond memories to go back to.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Moon Cake Festival

I just love moon cakes! They are usually brown and are made with four egg yolks (representing the four phases of the moon). They contain a sweet filling that is traditionally made with lotus seed paste or red/black bean paste.

Moon Cakes are now sold in malls, supermarkets and Chinese restaurants in line with the Moon Cake Festival. It's time to get your moon cakes now. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Zen Fountains

My husband, Jules believes that bringing the soothing, tranquil sounds of natural waterfalls to one's home will invite positive energy. He made this possible by creating Zen Fountains. It's nice to have a Zen Fountain at home because it creates an environment of serene relaxation.
These fountains were created by Jules. We've kept one and gave the other fountains to close friends. Jules designed each fountain in a way that the water continuously run over multi-colored marbles and rocks.

Nothing relaxes like the sound of running water.

Happy Meal Toys

Many kids nowadays love collecting Happy Meal toys. Fastfood chains like McDonald's and Jollibee have captured the hearts of Filipino children because of their meal and toy tie-ups. McDonald's calls it Happy Meal while Jollibee calls it Kids Meal.

Yohan loves to eat at McDonald's and Jollibee. He likes to eat fried chicken, french fries and spaghetti. He's not much of a burger fan. He's always excited to get the toy that accompanies the meal. Yohan likes to collect them. Sometimes I think he is more after the toy and than the meal itself.

(On the photo: Yohan showing some of his complete Happy Meal toys)

Midnight Snack

I usually go up to the room first to do my internet dabblings. My husband and son usually stay downstairs to watch TV.

While I was blogging, something in the air caught my attention. *Sniff* It smelled good. I went downstairs to investigate and saw my husband making midnight snacks. He was making mini pizzas and to my son's delight, microwave popcorn.

I stayed away from that buttery popcorn and helped myself to one mini pizza. The rest I assume were taken cared of by Jules and Yohan. :D

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Bully's Victim

I was a victim of a bully when I was in grade two. I cannot remember her face but she was my classmate. I remember how afraid I was of her. She would order me to give her my sanrio things or else something bad would happen to my family. I was very young and innocent that I immediately took her words as the truth.

My mom would always buy me small and cute sanrio things to add to my collection like pencils, stationaries, wallet, pencil case, stamp pads, etc. My classmate probably got envious of my things and thought of a devious plan to get them from me. I just couldn't believe that a young girl my age could resort to bullying just to get her hands on my sanrio.

I still remember the first time ... she ordered me to give her my My Melody pencil, matching eraser and ruler. She told me that if I didn't give her what she wanted, something very bad will happen to my Dad and Mom. I was terrified. I was too afraid to report her to my teacher. I just kept mum about it.

A few days after, she asked me to hand over my new Hello Kitty wallet. It even had some money inside it. I gave it to her because I feared that something might happen to my parents if I resisted. My mom noticed that I didn't have my wallet. When she asked me where it was, I told her I lost it in school.

It became a regular thing to the point that I dreaded going to school. Although I cannot remember the bully's face, I recall that she was just my size. She wasn't the bully that stood taller than most people. She was just a typical girl in school.

I remember crying at night because of fear. My mom and yaya heard me crying one time but I didn't tell them about the bully. I was too afraid to tell.

One time, we went to school in our sunday dresses. I had my Little Twin Stars shoulder bag. The bully wanted it on first sight. I told her that she couldn't possibly have it because my mom would notice it's gone for sure. But the bully gave me an ultimatum. She said that if I didn't hand her my bag, something terrible would happen to my whole family the next morning. I felt I had no choice so I gave her my bag.

That was the last straw. It seemed that my mom had noticed a change in me but just couldn't pinpoint the reason. When she found out that I "lost" my bag, she knew something was amiss. Her maternal instinct kicked in. She told me to tell her the whole truth and assured me that everything would be alright because she was there to protect me.

I told her everything. My mom immediately set a meeting with my class adviser and the bully's mom. I don't know what happened during that closed room meeting. I just remembered being happy because I recovered all the items that the bully took from me. My Dad and Mom talked to me after that incident. They told me to always tell them the truth because there is nothing to fear. I felt very secure because I knew how much my parents love me and they would do anything to protect me.

It was an unforgettable childhood experience.

Chanda's Birthday Celebration

We had dinner at Sentro 1771, Greenbelt 3 to celebrate Chanda's birthday. Among those present were Jackie, Chanda, Cynthia, Jules and myself. It was a fabulous evening spent with friends. How I wish we could see each other more often.

The menu for the evening was Seafood in Tamarind Soup, Fried Crunchy Spinach, Grilled Steak, Roast Chicken and Fried Rice. We took advantage of the unlimited sago and gulaman drink. For dessert, we shared Coffee Pie while Jules had Halo Halo. I exceptionally enjoyed the Coffee Pie. It was my first time to eat one and every morsel was sinfully good.

Belated Happy Birthday Chanda! Looking forward to our Singapore trip next year.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Madness

1. From amaranth:
Name three people you would pick (and why) if you could choose who to be stranded on a deserted island with.

I would pick my husband and my son to be with me. I'd be lost and in total despair without them. I'd love my parents to be with me but I don't want to separate them by choosing only one so I choose my yaya (english translation: nanny). She was my yaya when I was a baby. She's like a second mother to me. She never got married and chose to live with me. She now takes care of my son.

2. From julie:
What is your favorite genre of film and what is your favorite movie from that genre?

I enjoy watching Romance films. I have several favorite movies and among them are Love Affair and A Walk in the Clouds.

3. From tiffany:
Which country would you like to visit and why?

I'd love to go to America, particularly New York to visit my parents and my brother.

4. From wil:
What are you driving these days? What's it's (their) good and bad points? Would you buy another one, and why or why not?

My husband does most of the driving. We have a Nissan Sentra Sedan. It's economical because of it's low gas consumption but we want a bigger vehicle. We want something more comfortable and spacious so if given the choice, we would love to upgrade to a Toyota Fortuner.

5. From cindy swanson:
"Lost," "24," or both?

Lost - My husband and I enjoy watching it together. We're looking forward to the third season.

6. From lady starlight:
You've been very good this year. What should Santa bring you for Christmas? (the sky is the limit)

I love this question. I want so many things but I don't want Santa to think I'm greedy. That phrase "the sky is the limit" is very tempting but I would rather ask for something a little realistic. I would ask Santa for a Louis Vuitton Pink Papillion . Some women love shoes, I do too but I love bags more. I'm crazy about them. :D

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Boys and Ice-Cream

My boys love ice-cream. They both love vanilla and chocolate ice-cream. Yohan also loves ube and mango flavors. Whenever we eat out, it won't be complete until the boys have their ice-cream for dessert.

I love pistachio, cookies and cream, rocky road, strawberry and bubble gum flavors. But since I'm on a diet, I have to stir away from all the tempting ice-cream.

What's your favorite flavor?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Much Needed Trim

Yohan had a trim at Bee Bum's yesterday. Funny how anxious he was to finish his haircut. He was in a hurry because he wanted to have his lollipop. He loves getting a treat from the barber after every haircut.

He still doesn't want anything to do with the razor so the barber had to contend with scissors to make the finishing touches.

Two Mild Earthquakes

Did anyone of you (residing in the Philippines)feel the earthquakes early this afternoon? I felt two mild earthquakes today. I was sitting down reading a book and felt the faint tremors.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Bragging About Infidelity

Yesterday at the supermarket, I overheard the man in front of me tell the cashier that he was buying groceries for both his legitimate family and his mistress. At first I thought, I must have heard him wrong. I didn't want to eavesdrop but the man in front of me didn't seem to mind that I could hear him boasting about his infidelity. I think he intentionally wanted me to hear.

I noticed that half of his grocery bags were turned inside out. Apparently, this was his way of distinguishing which grocery bags go to who. I thought, wouldn't the party who receives the bags that were turned inside out find it weird that the bags were like that?

He still kept babbling about his dual life, but I tried to block his words from my mind. I think he's a jerk for being proud of his unfaithfulness.

After paying the cashier, I went to the redemption booth to claim a free item. I was dismayed to see the same man there. He was saying the same sordid tale to a bunch of female employees. Unbelievable! I terribly feel sorry for his wife and children.

Back to L

Oh my, i'm back to size L again. I fell in love with this white blouse at Kamiseta while shopping at the mall earlier. I thought I was still a size medium but when I tried it on, it didn't seem to fit right. So with a heavy heart, I asked for the next size. To add to my poignant distress, they ran out of large sizes. The sales clerk offered to call two nearby outlets to check if they have stocks but apparently they ran out too. Gosh! It certainly wasn't my day. T

The scale confirms it. I gained a whopping ten pounds. *sobs!* I lost fifty pounds during the last six months only to gain back ten pounds. Tsk! Tsk! That's terrible.

That's it! I need to go on serious dieting. I need to. I have to! So after feelind depressed about that blouse thing, i decided to buy slimming tea. I hope it works. *crosses my fingers*

I also bought my diet allies ... whole wheat bread, canned tuna in brine, oatmeal and some yogurt. After losing fifty pounds, I became a slack ... went back to my softdrinks and junkfood spree. I'm now regretting those glasses of coke and bags of chips.

I was very ecstatic to drop down to a medium size but it seems short lived. I'm now back to a size L. Damn my uncontrollable eating habits.

Feeling depressed about my weight gain, Jules asked me if I wanted to enroll for some badminton lessons under his coach. He has always been encouraging me do to so but I always found an excuse. Now, the timing is right so I finally agreed. Badminton is a great form of exercise and it will probably help me shed some weight in the process.

I noticed a weird expression on Jules' face when he realized the things that we need to buy before I start my lessons:
  • badminton racquet and shuttlecock

  • badminton shoes and bag

  • sport shirts and shorts

I guess he's thinking about all that added expenses this month. :D

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cattleyas in Bloom

I love this photo.

I wanted to take a photo of my Cattleyas in blooom. The flowers doesn't last long and I thought I would take a picture of it at its best. My son was hovering in the background so I told him to pose beside the flowers. The outcome was better than I initially hoped for. I was able to capture the beautiful Cattleyas and my son's wonderful smile. It's a photo I would never get tired of looking at. (It would have been perfect if it weren't for the hint of construction behind it. Our neighbor is having their house built. Oh well, I can use photoshop to edit it when I have time.:D )

My Pet Peeves

A pet peeve is a minor annoyance that can instill
extreme frustration in an individual. Typically each person has several pet
peeves that aggravate him more than the average person. Another person may not react as
negatively or at all to the same circumstance. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pet_peeve
I have my own share of pet peeves that I'd like to share:
  1. Seeing people throw all kinds of garbage from cars and public transportation. I often see people throwing candy wrappers, foil packs and sometimes soda cans while their vehicle is moving. Don't they realize that they are littering!
  2. People who talk inside a movie theatre without realizing that they are disturbing nearby viewers. They act as if they are watching a movie in the comfort of their own living room.
  3. I hate it when people don't line up properly and try to squeeze their way through a queue. When possible, I politely point them to the end of the line.
  4. People who spit on the road. Yuck!
  5. Men peeing blatantly in public.
  6. Fast food attendants and waiters who get your order scrambled and doesn't have the courtesy to say sorry.
  7. Snobbish staff of chic stores.
  8. Realizing that the fast food attendant forgot to put utensils or catsup in your take out bag.
  9. Cashiers who doesn't know how to process credit card payments.
  10. Getting a late post esp. if it's an invitation or a letter anouncing a sale.
  11. People who are too lazy to use the overpass and cross the street where there are extremely large signs that says 'No Jaywalking'. Some even have the nerve to jump over man made barriers just to cross the street.
  12. Graffiti. I just don't get it why people write their names and foul words on public walls.

These are a few pet peeves that I could think of right now but I'm sure there are many more. Care to share some of yours?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Little Pamper Time

I've been going to Rever Salon ever since college. My classmate recommended Lucy to me. At that time, Rever Salon was the only one that does threading (method of eyebrow shaping).

I've been going to Rever for so many years now that Lucy already knows what I want everytime I go to the salon.

My salon agenda:

1. My hair is shampooed and conditioned and prepared for styling.

2. Lucy applies my favorite hair color. It's a mixture between burgundy and dark brown. I used to have regular cellophanes but Lucy recommended hair tinting to cover the white telltales on my hair. I took after my Dad who already had white hair when he was still young.

3. Lucy's assistant gives me a relaxing massage while I wait for the hair color to settle.

4. I have my pedicure too while waiting. I don't have my manicure done because I usually do it on my own at home.

5. Another round of shampooing and conditioning.

6. Lucy cuts my hair the way I like it.

7. My hair is blow dried and styled.

8. My eyebrows are threaded by Lucy. She's an expert in threading. Today many salons have learned the craft of threading.

9. Lucy checks my hair and does last minute snips.

10. I head home feeling happy and relaxed.

I love going to the salon. It's like a small reward I regulary give myself. We need a little pampering time once in a while after all.

Rever Salon used to be located at Mandarin Hotel. It has now moved to a bigger area at the Ground Floor of Pacific Star building, Makati City.

Superstitions ... Do You Believe in Them?

I grew up surrounded by all kinds of superstitions. I would like to share some superstitions that I've personally encountered at one point in my life. Most of them I've learned when I was young.

Funny, I've never managed to shake off some of them from my system even though logic tells me that they couldn't possibly be true. I would rather be on the safe side. Perhaps, I've just been accustomed to them for so long, that I've subconsciously incorporated them in my life.

Wedding Superstitions
1. A groom cannot see the bride before the wedding. I guess this one is a common practice.

2. Siblings cannot marry on the same year because it will bring bad luck.

3. If a younger sibling marries ahead of an older sibling/s, he or she should give the older sibling/s a gift to avoid bad luck.

Wakes and Funerals
1. The bereaved party does not accompany you to the door when you leave the wake because it is a bad sign. It is best if the guest leaves the wake without saying goodbye to anyone to avoid bad luck.

2. It is rude to wear red to the wake because it might offend the dead. I've never seen anyone wear red in a wake or funeral before even in today's modern times.
3. It is best not to go straight home after going to a wake or funeral. It is advisable to eat something sweet before going home in order to remove some of the sadness in your being. I personally practice this one. We often stop by a coffee shop to have coffee and dessert before going home.

Everyday Superstitions
1. Do not point at a rainbow. If you do your finger will fall off. I know this one is absurd but the weird thing is I've never pointed at a rainbow before. I guess my aunt's warning has embedded in my mind.

2. Do not open an umbrella inside the house because it brings bad luck.

3. It is not good to walk over a person lying down. If you accidentally do so, walk over him again to take the bad luck away. I used to do this when I was much younger but not anymore.

4. Killing a cat, whether on purpose or accidentally brings the person seven year bad luck. Same thing applies to breaking a mirror.

5. When you give someone shoes or slippers, make sure that you ask for a coin in return as not to let that person "step" all over you in the future.

About Babies and Children
1. Say the words, "Pwera Usog" whenever you greet an infant to avoid giving the baby tummy aches. Some even put saliva on the baby's tummy. Personally, I don't put saliva on the baby unless the mother absolutely insists.

2. Put a piece of thread (from the baby's clothes) on the baby's forehead to remove hiccups. My mother-in-law insisted I try it when Yohan had hiccups. It worked! Weird isn't it?.

3. Mothers often put small red pouches on their babies clothes to avoid getting "usog" which refers to experiencing piercing tummy aches. When I had my son, my mother-in-law gave me a red pouch for Yohan. I didn't want to put it on his clothes because it seemed like an eyesore. But I didn't want to offend her feelings so I let Yohan wear it. One time, she asked me why I didn't put it on Yohan and replied that he was wearing it under his clothes. She didn't get offended but laughed instead. I found out that in order for it to work, it has to be seen by the people. I let Yohan wear it for the first few months then later on set it aside.

How about you ... do you believe in a particular superstition or do you practice some because of tradition? I would love to hear them.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another Storm is Brewing

It's beginning to rain again. I heard there's another storm heading our way. Oh my, not again!

The streets of our village are still littered with uprooted trees and other debris. There's too much mess lying around that the maintenance crew simply couldn't keep up. With the tedious task of tidying up the streets, here comes another storm looming in the air. I hope it will change its mind and head off to another place.

Embracing Harmony

It somehow poisons my spirit whenever I get angry or frustrated on someone. Conflicts with other people is always a heavy burden and does nothing good for our inner being.

I learned that it is always good to embrace harmony. Having a good relationship with the people around you makes you a better individual. A discord-free life gives you a sense of peace and brighter outlook in life. In fact, when you are at peace with yourself and everyone around you, it reflects on your face. You tend to look better when you embrace harmony because smiling comes easy. Harmony gives a person a natural high.

I try to live in harmony but I'm not perfect. There are times when I lose my temper. I try my very best to control my temper because I don't like getting angry. It makes me feel terribly bad at the end of the day.

Whenever I have a misunderstanding with someone, I make it a point not to sleep over it. As much as possible, I want to settle it before going to sleep. I find that I sleep better when I don't have a heavy heart.

Special Bond

I just had a nice chat with my best friend, Lyonnel. It's amazing how we often find ourselves thinking of each other at the same time. It's like we have a special bond ... a connection that keeps our thoughts somehow synchronized. It's quite fascinating.

This is one of my favorite gifts from Lyonnel. He gave it to me for Christmas. I just couldn't remember the year. She's very beautiful. I named her Leah, a name very similar to my best friend's nickname, Lye.

I'm sure I'll have a peaceful sleep tonight.

Junior Super Heroes

Yohan had a great time with his second cousins last Saturday. We went to Paranaque to attend Laarni's baby shower. Sadly, I wasn't able to take pictures of the baby shower because I wasn't able to charge the batteries. The power failure was to blame. ha! ha! The baby shower was a success despite the heat and lack of proper lighting. Aileen and I prepared some fun games and everyone joined with gusto.

Here is a photo of Yohan and his cousins mimicking their favorite super heroes. Aileen and I reminisced how we used to play make believe when we were little. Oh, how I miss those days when all I thought of was playing.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday Madness

1. From amanda f:
What do you do when somebody complements you?

I always smile and say thank you. Compliments always have its way of brightening my whole day.

2. From shelly:
What color are your eyes?


3. From kia:
What do you like most about yourself?

I don't easily make friends but when I do, it's usually for keeps. I believe in long term friendships.

4. From julie:
How do you spend Christmas?

We always spend Christmas with family. We have a big family and everyone is present during Christmas. Everyone helps in preparing the Christmas feast and we exchange gifts. Christmas is always filled with laughter and merry songs.

5. From wide imagination:
When do you normally blog? Day or night?

I normally blog in the late evening until early morning. It's when we son is asleep and I have more free time to blog hop.

6. From rach:
What song can you relate to your personal life? Share a line or two of that song.

I realized that a line or two is not enough so I'm sharing a couple of lines of my favorite song. The title of the song is Beautiful Days by our local singer Kyla.

I see beautiful days with you
I feel beautiful ways of loving you
Youve touched my heart so deeply
And I cant thank God enough
For all the beautiful days with you
I feel beautiful ways of loving you
Everything is just so wonderful
Every little thing is just so beautiful
When I spend it with you

The song describes how I feel for my husband and my son. I always have beautiful days when I'm with them. I'm thankful to God for having them in my life.

7. From sherle:
What is your favorite color for a sleeping environment?

I prefer pastel colors like light blue, light pink and lavender because they are cool to the eyes.

Topless Sandals

Jules' uncle who happens to be a pilot agreed to buy me a pair of Topless Sandals when he goes to Tokyo this month.

I love flipflops. But this one is rather unique. It has no straps but they stick to your feet like second skin. It comes with lovely toe beads. There are many great designs to choose from, a foot jewelry as you may call it. Curious? Check out the Topless Sandals website for a detailed description.

A Sunday Meme: Let's Eat!

Here are my answers to Toni's meme:

1. Favorite Comfort Food
Blueberry Cheesecake from Becky's Kitchen

2. Favorite Breakfast Meal
Sunny side-up egg, bacon, hash browns, toast with butter and jam. Tsk! Tsk! Fattening.

3. Favorite Lunch Meal

Kare-kare with bagoong.

4. Favorite Dinner Meal
Jules' Salpicao.

5. Favorite Dessert
Blueberry Cheesecake

6. Favorite Cake
Blueberry Cheesecake from Becky's Kitchen and Carrot Cake from Sugar House.

7. Favorite Pasta

8. Favorite Dish That Others Find Weird
Hmmm ... I can't think of any right now.

9. Favorite Fruits That You Haven’t Eaten In A While

10. Favorite Junkfood
Lay's Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips

11. Favorite TV Show Related to Food (Cooking show, Travel show with food, etc.)
Jaime Oliver, How 'Bout My Place

12. Favorite Pastries
Cream Puffs

13. Favorite Way to Eat Potatoes
I love making them into potato salad.

14. Favorite Ice Cream
Pistachio flavor.

15. Favorite Alcoholic Drink When You Really Really Really Want to Party
I always have frozen margarita or bailey's.

16. Favorite Bar Chow

17. Favorite Chicken Dish
Chicken ala King.

18. Favorite Place to Eat with Your Sweetheart or Your Best Friend (Choose 1)
Antonio's with my husband.

19. Favorite Place to Eat with your Family
We love eating snacks and dessert at the TV room.

20. Fill in the blanks: I wish I could eat ____ in/at _____ with ______.
I wish I could eat ebi tempura and california maki at Zen with my best friend, Lyonnel. I miss the place and I miss having great conversations with him.

Panic in the Air

It seems that after the typhoon, people went into a panic mode.

A day after the storm, I had to go to the grocery to buy milk and distilled water for Yohan. I was shocked when I saw the long queue's on all cashier lanes. I noticed that people seemed to be hoarding food and drinks. Many customers were also buying stacks of candles for the extended power failure.

Since there was no electricity, most houses had no water as well. The grocery was running out of bottled water. I was supposed to buy 3-4 large bottles of distilled water but was told that they sold out the large bottles that morning. Grocery staff attest that customers waited for them near the storage area to request for boxes of bottled water. The staff didn't have time to put the bottled water on the shelves because the water was sold out in a span of minutes. Instant noodles were also being sold like hotcakes.

There was even a shortage of gas in our area. Two gasoline stations were badly hit by the flood and had to be temporarily closed. As a result, there were several long lines at the only open gasoline station in the immediate area. Unfortunately a large truck infont of us was buying diesel by the drum. We had no choice but to wait for the driver to fill up 3 large container drums with diesel. Many of the cars were getting full tank of gas. I could almost smell the panic in the air.

Amidst the power failure, banks were offline and credit cards were temporarily not honored. Bummer!