Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bruno of Silver Sanctuary

Bruno is a pure breed black Labrador Retriever. He was given to us by Jules' brother, JV. Bruno came from a good line of ancestors. If you look at Bruno's papers, you'll see many names in red, which means that he came from a Champion line.

Bruno was born on October 6, 2000. His parents were Ceasar of Ishtar (black Labrador) and Babs of Kentucky Drive (yellow Labrador). When we got Bruno, he was very small. He fitted in the laundry sink where he was given his first bath.

Bruno is now 6 yrs. old. He has grown into a full sized Labrador. He's very gentle and very affectionate. He loves playing with tennis balls. He enjoys playing catch with the family. The only time you'll hear him bark is when he sees a cat or he wants to call your attention. Otherwise, he is a quiet dog. He's too friendly to a fault because strangers find it very easy to make friends with Bruno which makes him a bad candidate for a guard dog.

Bruno has won several awards in dog shows. He won 2nd place at the Batangas Dog Show a few years ago. He is very intelligent. We had him trained by a professional when he was a year old.

The puppy in the picture is one of Bruno's offsprings. With a heavy heart, we had to give her away because at that time we already had two dogs and taking care of two was already a big responsibility. Sadly, Bruno's long term companion, Miko passed away not long ago.

Bruno was heart broken with the loss of Miko. Nowadays, we play with him more often to cheer him up. He likes going for long walks in the village.

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