Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bread Talk Inspiration

I've been craving for Bread Talk cute critters every since I read it on Toni's blog. I even let my husband read it and was hoping that he'd get the message that I wanted some. Guess what? It worked! Jules bought me some yesterday when we went to Alabang Town Center (ATC). We ate them right away but we also bought some for Yohan. I managed to take some pictures before Yohan ate the bread with gusto.

The cute lil' baby is called Baby JJ ... I agree with Toni, it must stand for Jack Jack from the Incredibles. Baby JJ's head and tummy have tasty chocolate filling which made my lil' boy smile. The adorable piggy is called a Sisig Bun. I like the Sisig filling and so did Yohan. Jules, on the other hand, enjoyed the pizza bread thing. Unfortunately, I forgot what it's called but it was remarkably delicious.

Thanks Toni for the inspiration.

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