Friday, February 29, 2008

Aloha Friday #19

Rules: Post any question on your blog on a Friday, share your answer and sign Kailani's Mr. Linky. Then have fun answering the questions of fellow participants by visiting their blogs.

I thought it would be fun to have a little guessing game for my Aloha Friday entry this week. I bought this recently and it has been very useful. Do you know what it is? The answer to be revealed tomorrow.

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Online Comparison Service

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Insurance is very important. To protect your home you need a dependable home insurance. Now you can compare Home Insurance Quotes online. Another vital insurance is Car Insurance. Protect yourself from accidents by having a reliable car insurance. Remember not to take insurance payments for granted in order not to acquire late charges.

You can easily compare different personal finance products at the site called About Your Money. By comparing company background, annual fees and interest rates, you can choose the credit card with the best deal.

Express Yourself Through Flowers

Giving flowers is a wonderful form of expression. The act of giving flowers can convey different feelings. They make an ideal gift because flowers can be given during any occasion. Flowers are great for showing love, affection, appreciation, support and sympathy. Flowers are perfect for different occasions like baptismal celebrations, birthdays, proms, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Christmas, company launchings and more. You can even give flowers when there's no special occasion.

What I like about flowers is that you can give them to anyone, irregardless of age and gender. I’ve given flowers on special occasions to women namely my mom, grandmother, mother-in-law, cousin, aunt, classmates, co-workers and friends. I have even given a single red rose to my boyfriend back in college.

I love receiving Flowers. It’s a sweet gesture that never fails to make me smile. When I was in college, I received a dozen of white roses from my friend in school. I was absent from school for a few days because I had flu. My friend thought it would be nice to surprise me with a dozen white roses. It was such a heartwarming gift that I will always be grateful for. It’s amazing how flowers can cheer you up even though you are sick. I also fondly remember receiving a dozen of long stemmed red roses from my best friend. It was my birthday and he gave me a beautiful bouquet of roses. On our first anniversary, my husband gave me a flower basket of large peach roses. Flowers in Blossom, can really give anyone lasting memories.

If you're thinking of brightening up someone's day, you can give that person beautiful flowers. e-FLORIST Inc. offers a wide variety of flowers to choose from like roses, daisies, lilies, carnations, orchids and tropical plants and flowers. They offer quality blooms in affordable prices.

Collection of Miniature Items

My parents have a passion for collecting lovely figurines, ceramics, glass displays and more. In our old house, we had three long shelves in our living room where my parents' collection were displayed. Their collection grew each year. Aside from buying new things to add to their growing set, they also received other lovely pieces as gifts from family and friends. Thinking about it brings back happy memories.

They have several miniature cottages. It's nice looking at their miniature cottages placed close to each other because they almost resemble a lovely village. In fact, during Christmas season, my parents arrange the cottages together to create a beautiful village illuminated by Christmas lights. I saw the lilliput lane collection and I'm sure my parents would love those cute little cottages inspired from real ones. My parents started a small collection of lladro pieces when they moved abroad. They appreciate the small lovely pieces of figurines emulating every day life and expressions.

The willow tree is another lovely set of collection. My favorite Willow Tree piece is the Child of My Heart. It is a touching image of a mother holding her child to her chest. It is a great symbol of a mother's love and devotion. Explore more quality and lovely pieces at affordable prizes at
UK Gift Company.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Quality Educational and Office Furniture

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Lockers are very useful both in school and at work. In school, students use lockers to store text books, notebooks, gym clothes, project materials and other school things. Having lockers allow students to store the things that they don't need right away.

Schools should invest in good furniture such as quality tables and classroom chairs. Quality school furniture is a good investment because they are expected to last longer than ordinary ones. Buying different kinds of educational furniture for each grade level is a great way to motivate students to study well. When the school gives students the right kind of educational furniture based on their needs and school level, it shows that they care for the comfort and well being of their students. It is a great way to encourage parents to continue enrolling in that school.

Cost Cutters offer a wide variety of quality educational furniture to choose from at affordable prices. They also offer a large selection of office furniture like quality office desks, chairs, office shelving, office cabinets and more.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Worldless Wednesday #13

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do you agree?

I make sure I eat a good breakfast before going to the gym so I'll have energy. Please come and visit my Wordless Wednesday #13 at my other blog. Thank you!

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Heads or Tails #22

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Sometimes I wonder what tomorrow will bring.
I always try to have a positive outlook in life.
I would like to think that tomorrow will bring a
symphony of good tidings.
Such as
love, peace, joy and laughter.

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Weekend Snapshot #18

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In my garden there is a large
place for sentiment.
My garden of flowers
is also my garden
of thoughts and dreams.
The thoughts grow as freely
as the flowers,
and the dreams are as beautiful.
- Abram L. Urban

Appreciating the lovely flowers going to his uncle's house.

If you have time to spare, please visit my other snapshot here. I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Photo Hunt :: Wooden

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edited 10:30 PM

Below are photos taken at Nayong Pilipino Park, an outdoor museum featuring the country's cultural and age-old traditions, heritage and lifestyles, located in Clark Angeles Pampanga, Philippines. Special thanks to Julie for telling us about the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta and Nayong Pilipino at Clark.

note: Original Nayong Pilipino is located beside one of the runways of Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Beautiful wooden sculptures.

A colorful indigenous wooden house.

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Tagged :: Message in a Bottle

Sanni and Napaboaniya tagged me to do this lovely meme ...

Here are the rules:

You are about to send a virtual Message In a Bottle across the Blog Ocean. Leave a message in the sand or on the bottle. Write anything you wish. Be a pirate or a poet. Serious or silly. Anonymous or not. What message would you like to send out to the universe?

1. Compose a message to place in your virtual bottle.
2. Right click and SAVE the blank graphic.
3. Use a graphics program of your choice to place the message on the picture
4. Post the Message In a Bottle meme and your creation on your blog along with these rules
5. Tag a minimum of 5 bloggers - or your entire blogroll - to do the same. Notify them of the tag.

Your virtual bottle will remain afloat in the blogosphere ocean for all blogernity (That's a Mimism for blog + eternity.) - don´t forget to leave your link at Mimi´s Home to be added to the master list!
Here's my message in a bottle ...

I'm tagging Yen, Ellen, Anna, Karen and Lizzz.

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Tagged :: Non Fiction All the Way

I've been tagged by my friend, Alice.

What issues/topic interests you most--non-fiction, i.e, cooking, knitting, stitching, there are infinite topics that has nothing to do with novels?
I enjoy making arts and crafts with my son. I also enjoy taking photos and building memories with them.

Would you like to review books concerning those?
It would be nice to read books about art and craft projects. It would be a good way to learn and apply new ideas. I don't have any background in photography but I would love to explore more about it someday. First, I have to get a good camera. :) I'm not too familiar with making a review but I would gladly recommend a good book to family and friends.

Would you like to be paid or do it as interest or hobby? Tell reasons for what ever you choose.
That's a nice thought. Doing something you love is already rewarding but the opportunity to earn from it is a great bonus.

Would you recommend those to your friends and how?
I would proudly share it to my close friends. I would probably call them to share the good news.

If you have already done something like this, link it to your post.
This is my first time to do this.

Please don't forget to link back here or whoever tags you.
Anyone is welcome to do this meme. Enjoy!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen : Recent Blogging Awards

Thirteen Blogging Awards

I am grateful and overwhelmed by the generosity and thoughtfulness of my blogging friends. I would like to share these wonderful Blogging Awards that were given to me recently.

1. From Misty Dawn

I would like to pass this to Wenchie, Vicki, Alice, Kay, and Nancze.

2. From Kailani

I would like to pass this to Daphne, Tani, Sanni , Cess and Liz.

3. From Lalaine

I would like to pass this to Sidney, Junnie, Photo Cache, Mary Jane and Raq.

4. From Janet and Amy

I would like to pass this to EastCoastLife, Nina, Gattina, Sandy and Dragonheart and Merlin.

*** Belated Happy Birthday to my dear Blog friend, Sandy. Wishing her joy, best of health and more inspiration in life. ***

5. From Jeanette

I would like to pass this to Bang, Thess, Lynn, Cookie, and Princess.

6. From Jenny
(This award came as a real surprise ... I was puzzled and asked Jenny if she made a mistake by any chance. ha! ha!)

I would like to pass this to Girlie, Janice, Belle, Shawna, and Chesca.

7. From Rocks

I would like to pass this to Toni, Tina (KK), Annamanila, Dine and Feng.

8. From Alice

I would like to pass this to Jo, Evi, Tani, Maria Rachelle, Mitch and Leah.

I would like to pass this to Pea, Susie, Pearl, Tisha, and Gracie.

9. From Arlene

I would like to pass this to Julie, Christian, Hailey, Chats, and Napaboaniya .

10. to 13. Special award as a way of saying thanks to my blogging friends for their generosity and thoughtfulness.

I would like to pass this to Misty Dawn, Kailani, Alice, Jeanette, Janet, Lalaine, Arlene, Rocks, Jenny and Amy.

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The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Series of Hearts

My friend Toni is hosting a February Blog Carnival: A Show of Hearts. Here's my entry ...

1 - Taken at the wedding reception of hubby's cousin.
2 - T-shirts for Father's Day and Mother's Day.
3 - Yohan wearing belt with a silver heart during their Christmas presentation in school last year.
4 - Cupcakes made by my hubby and son for my birthday last year.
5 - Victoria Secret Trinket Box and Bag from my mom.
6 - Candy hearts on Yohan's palm.

Interested to join?
Hurry and share your heart pictures (no specific number of photos) on or before Feb. 25, 2008. Don't forget to link Toni and send her the permalink so she can collate all the entries.

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Car Rental in Israel

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Worldless Wednesday #12

Yohan opened a box of yummy treats yesterday. They are almost gone now. I would like to invite you to visit my Worldless Wednesday #12 at my other blog.

Thank you!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Heads or Tails #21

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Anything That Starts with P

  • Philippines - Country were I was born and live in.
  • Pinay - Another name for Filipina.
  • Pesos - Philippine Currency
  • Pistachio - I love eating this kind of nut and I like it as a flavor enhancer.
  • Potato Salad - My favorite salad.
  • Pizza - What I had for lunch today.
  • Pearl - I like wearing pearls especially during special occasions.
  • Pants - I like wearing pants, particularly jeans.
  • Peace - I'm saddened by the alarming graft and corruption in the country. Recent political exposé is causing problems in the country. I hope that peace will reign.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Tagged :: Color Me Red

I was tagged by Daphne to do this meme:
Here are the rules:
1. Post your photo wearing red, may it be a red top, bottom, the least would be red accessories if you hate wearing red… If you can’t find one, you still have an option…. Either post your Significant Other’s photo or your child’s photo, if you have one. Of course, they should be wearing red.

2. Let us know the reason why you were wearing red that particular day. Was it your birthday? Is red your fave color or was it the shirt that you first saw in your closet that day?

3. Tag 3 people close to your heart. By the way, they have to be in your blogroll. No cheating heart please.

4. Once you’re tagged, please keep it going - just for this month.

Just to remind you not to cheat: tag 3 people close to your heart =)

This photo was taken last year after attending the Math Olympics at Yohan's school. It was a fun event for all students combining games and activities with Math concepts. The students were requested to wear something related to Olympics. Yohan wore his favorite soccer uniform which happened to be red. I thought it would be cute if I wore an identical shirt (which I borrowed from my hubby).

I like the color red but it's not my favorite color. Red is actually my mom's favorite color so I've learned to like it too.

I'm tagging Lalaine, Arlene and Belle.

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Weekend Snapshot #17

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Hi everyone. Hope you had a great weekend. I would like to share a photo taken just before the weekend. Yohan had some fun at the playground. He was making funny faces at the camera. His Dad took this photo. Where was I? I was too busy having fun at the swing. Ha ha!

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tagged :: Fun Magazine Covers

** If you're looking for my Photo Hunt entry, kindly scroll down. **

I was tagged by Nina (The Fickle Minded) to create fun magazine covers.

Here are my cool magazine covers ...

Junior Go Kart Champion

King and Queen of Nursery Prom

I had fun doing this meme. I'd like to tag Wenchie, Kailani and Nina (Nina Republic) to have fun creating magazine covers with your own pictures at

I'd like to invite others to try this fun meme. Please let me know if you decide to play along so I can visit your creations. Happy weekend!

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Photo Hunt :: Free

Come and join the hunt here.

Let your imagination run wild, free as a child.
Free yourself from troubles and worries.
Be spontaneous and carefree.

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