Friday, February 29, 2008

Collection of Miniature Items

My parents have a passion for collecting lovely figurines, ceramics, glass displays and more. In our old house, we had three long shelves in our living room where my parents' collection were displayed. Their collection grew each year. Aside from buying new things to add to their growing set, they also received other lovely pieces as gifts from family and friends. Thinking about it brings back happy memories.

They have several miniature cottages. It's nice looking at their miniature cottages placed close to each other because they almost resemble a lovely village. In fact, during Christmas season, my parents arrange the cottages together to create a beautiful village illuminated by Christmas lights. I saw the lilliput lane collection and I'm sure my parents would love those cute little cottages inspired from real ones. My parents started a small collection of lladro pieces when they moved abroad. They appreciate the small lovely pieces of figurines emulating every day life and expressions.

The willow tree is another lovely set of collection. My favorite Willow Tree piece is the Child of My Heart. It is a touching image of a mother holding her child to her chest. It is a great symbol of a mother's love and devotion. Explore more quality and lovely pieces at affordable prizes at
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