Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yohan is Featured in K-Zone Magazine

Yohan loves reading K-Zone. He has a bag filled of old K-Zone magazines at home that he likes reading every now and then. I always make it a point to buy him a new one every month and I even cover each one with plastic.

Several months ago, he asked me if it was possible for him to be featured in the section Birthday Bits. I said it was possible but I told him not to have high hopes. I made it clear that the magazine can only choose one celebrant for that section each month. I didn't want him to be disappointed in case they choose another July celebrant instead of him.

I helped Yohan send an email to K-Zone with his picture and short details around 3 months ago.  We didn't get any reply or feed back.

The K-Zone July issue is now out. I grabbed a copy and I was so happy to see my little boy in the magazine. Yohan was thrilled when he saw his picture.

I'm grateful to K-Zone for featuring my son. It's a nice advance birthday gift for him. Yohan's picture appeared again in the magazine's July calendar sheet. :)

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Photo Hunt :: Purple

Come and join

This photo was taken at Manila Ocean Park. I noticed the ceiling in the lobby and took a picture of it. The lighting inside gave this shot a purple touch.

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Happy Hamburger Day 2010

Took advantage of Hamburger Day at Brothers Burger. Thanks to hubby's cousin for the treat. Yohan didn't care much about the burger but he enjoyed the fries and onion rings. :)

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my Dad, hubby and all the wonderful dads around the world! I would like to share this Father's Day card that Yohan made for his Dad. As you can see, he was inspired by the FIFA World Cup.  Hubby is a big fan of FIFA. He stays up until the wee hours of the morning watching the games on TV.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Photo Hunt :: Six

Come and join

My son loves the story of Noah's Ark. Last Christmas, he received this wooden Noah's Ark toy. It's composed of one ark and six pairs of wooden characters (Noah and wife, a pair of elephants, monkeys, tigers, lions and crocodiles).

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Photo Hunt :: Bubbles

Come and join

These are my betta fish (a.k.a. Siamese fighting fish). I actually have four of but I'm just featuring two for this theme. Betta fish are small and colorful freshwater fish. They come in different colors. I have two red, one blue and one multi-colored betta fish. I guess they are called fighting fish because they are very territorial. They have a tendency to fight until the death if placed together in one fish tank. Sadly some people use these lovely fish for fish fight betting games.

I have a rectangular shaped fish tank with glass dividers so every betta fish has its own individual space to avoid fighting. When they come face to face with one another, they flare their gills and their flowing fins appear larger. They always try to attack one another. Good thing the glass dividers protect them from causing injury on one another

Betta fish are very easy to take care of. They don't need special apparatus like an air pump (for oxygen) unlike other types of fish.

My betta fish tank is always covered with these little bubbles.

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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Photo Hunt :: Sparkles

Come and join

When you enter the Jellies room in Manila Ocean Park, you'll be tantalized by these dancing fairies in the water. These free swimming jellies illuminate the dark room.

Yohan and his cousins were awed by the jelly fish and the changing hues. Their dazzling natural performance bring sparkles in the eyes of the kids.

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Yohanism #36

I volunteered to make pancakes today for snack. I asked Yohan if he wanted to be my kitchen assistant and he eagerly said yes.  I laid out all the ingredients and kitchen utensils on the counter top.

Yohan: "Mom, are you sure you know what you are doing?"

Thoughts inside my head: Ouch! My little boy must be thinking I have no business in the kitchen.

Me: "Of course, don't underestimate your mom."

Yohan: "Ok mom."

Yohan set aside his doubts about my kitchen qualifications as he helped me mix all the pancake ingredients. I heated the pan and made pancakes. I asked Yohan to serve the first pancake to his dad who was upstairs. I placed the pancake on the plate and added some butter and syrup. Yohan took the plate and brought it up. I distinctively heard him say to his dad ...

Yohan: "Special delivery! Pancake from mom. It smells good but it's burned."

Yohan went down ready to serve the other pancakes and I told him ...

Me: "Burned?! It's not burned. It's a little brown but not burned."

Yohan smiled and delivered the other pancakes to our helpers. I reserved the last two pancakes for Yohan and myself. We ate it at the dining room.

Yohan took his first bite and said, "This is good mom. May be you can join a kitchen battle because your pancakes are good."

Thoughts inside my head: Awww, my little boy loves my cooking after all.

But my thoughts were premature because Yohan added ...

Yohan: "But the judges might not like the burned part and remove you from the battle."

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