Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wind on my sail

Smooth sailing on calm waters.

The wind suddenly blew hard and rocked my boat.

What should I do?

I hold tight and pray for balance.

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Photo Hunt :: Public

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You'll find a lot of great bargains in the tiangge. It is sort of a flea market which is open to the public. There are different stalls selling all kinds of merchandise. There are stalls that sell clothes, fabrics, cooking wares, toys, accessories and more.

This stall sell stickers, hair accessories, cellphone accessories and different kinds of small trinkets for a fraction of a price. 

I would also like to share an article I wrote before entitled The gypsy life of a magtia-tiangge. It's about a nomad merchant who sells variety of household things in the tiangge. He works hard for the money to give his family a comfortable life.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Sustainable Progress in Small Communities

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ramblers Way. All opinions are 100% mine.

I grew up in the city. I was used to the noisy and busy streets. When I got married, I moved to a nice and relatively small town in the south. It took a while for me to adjust but through the years, I have learned to appreciate the wonderful things around me. I love the spectacular view of the mountain, the fresh air, the peaceful surroundings and the kind people.

Every town can benefit from sustainable progress and development.  Big investors who build large establishments bring in new jobs and opportunities for many people.  However, there are times when these big establishments threaten small scale businesses. It's quite sad to hear of businesses which have been passed on from generation to generation, closing down because of giant competitors.

I don't mind progress but at the same time, I also care for historical preservation. Take for example, the inspiring story of Ramblers Way Farm. This American company is known for sourcing, growing and producing their fine woolen apparel.  The company revitalize small towns by utilizing 100% domestic resources. The company works hand in hand with the people to achieve sustainable growth.One of the company's great achievements is earning the Gold Lead Certification level.

I have great confidence in products Made in America. I expect such products to have excellent quality. Ramblers Way is known for their beautiful and eco-friendly wool garments. They are admired for their highest quality superfine wool. Even their building adheres to environmental standards. The company that is dedicated to help the people around them makes it worth looking up to.

Visit my sponsor: Made in America

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hi Blog Friends

I'm sorry I haven't been able to update my blog recently. I've been a little busy. I have a lot of new things to share and I'm excited to blog again. I'll come by and visit soon. Enjoy the coming weekend!

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Viva España

 Yohan wearing Spain football uniform.

Congratulations to Spain for winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup! Cheers to Andres Iniesta for bringing home the goal for Spain. It was worth waking up very early in the morning to watch the live telecast on TV. It's amazing that Paul the Octopus was right once again.  :)

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Photo Hunt :: Free

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This free birthday cupcake was too good to resist. It didn't last long. :)

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Thursday, July 08, 2010

10 Years Together

I remember waking up on this day exactly 10 years ago. It was raining hard and the wind was blowing hard. Two typhoons decided to hit the country that day. That couldn't dampen my spirit. Instead I looked upon it as a symbol of twin blessings.

Happy Anniversary my love.

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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Photo Hunt :: Open

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When my son opened page A54 of his Harcourt Science book, he saw this Model of an Insect project.  I helped him create an ant model.  We didn't have all the original materials so we substituted some of the things. Good thing I still had some googly eyes left in my craft box. Yohan was happy about the final outcome -- a fiery red ant.

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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Kimono Doll Pens

I love my Kimono Doll pens. I got them for only P19.75 each at Clipper. I was smitten by their cute little faces and chinky eyes. Now they even inspired me to make a haiku ...

Wind touches her hair
As refreshing as sunlight
Love that breezy smile

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