Thursday, April 30, 2009

3 Word Thursdays #24

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Reunion With Mommy Bloggers Part II

This is Red Mango's signature line. I agree. We should all make it a point to treat ourselves well. Life is something we should be grateful for. Let's enjoy it as much as we can. Rejoice and live well!

Do you treat yourself well? I hope the answer is 'Yes'.

Red Mango at Trinoma.

It's real frozen yogurt goodness! It's naturally delicious and healthy too. I think it's a fun dessert because you can combine the yogurt (original or green tea) with exciting toppings.

Red Mango Frozen Yogurt

I love the topping selection: mango, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, banana, pineapple, coconut, cocoa pebbles, fruity pebbles, almonds, granola, graham crackers, cranberries, dark chocolate, M&Ms and much more.

I chose blueberry and almonds for my toppings.

They have delicious waffles too. I like the heart shapes.

You know what's better than yummy food? Good friends of course. :) I had the privilege to join my mommy blogger friends in another fun get together; this time at Trinoma.

(This photo is courtesy of Jane).

Thank you very much Dine for the delicious lunch and Annamanila for the yummy dessert.

Lunch with mommy bloggers at A Venetto, Trinoma.
Standing (L-R): Jane, Noemi, Cookie, Julie and me
Seated (L-R)
Aileen, Annamanila, Dine, V (Chat's lovely daughter) and Chats

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yohanism #31

When we were at the beach we found a small hermit crab walking along the beach. I hurriedly picked it up and showed Yohan.

Yohan: "Mom, let me see! Let me see! What is it?"

"This is a small hermit crab just like the ones you saw on TV. "

Yohan: "It's so cute! Let me get my pail..."

Yohan hurriedly got his empty pail and filled it halfway with sand. I placed the hermit crab inside so Yohan could observe it. He lost interest in making sandcastles and spent a lot of time looking at the little hermit crab in his bucket.

When it was time to go back, he asked ...

Yohan: "Can I bring it home? I want him to be my pet. I'll put it in the aquarium."

Me: "Sorry, you can't bring it home. It might die. Besides, you can't put it in our aquarium because it needs salt water."

Yohan: "That's easy. I'll get some salt water from the sea and bring it home."

He seemed to have a counter remark to every reason I give him so I decided to tell him a real story...

Me: "You know when I was young, I went to a beach where I saw a lot of small hermit crabs. I brought around 10 of them home. I placed the hermit crabs inside a big jar with salt water and sand I got from the beach. The hermit crabs lived for a few days but they slowly died one by one. I felt very sad when that happened."

Yohan was quiet.

Me: "Do you want that to happen to your hermit crab?"

Yohan: "No, mom. I want it to live. Can you help me free the hermit crab?"

Me: "Sure."

Yohan and I walked away from the crowded area and found a clear spot where we put down the hermit crab. We watched as the tide came and the hermit crab was gone. Yohan looked a little sad so I immediately kissed him and told him...

Me: "I'm so proud of you!"

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Wordless Wednesday #57

Yohan enjoyed making shadows on the sand. Please come by and visit my Wordless Wednesday #57 at my other blog. Thanks!

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Laiya Beach Trip

Last April 21, 2009 my family and I went to Laiya, San Juan Batangas. We like going to that beach because it's just a two-hour drive from our place.

It was raining hard on our way to the beach. I couldn't cancel the reservation so we pushed through with our beach trip despite the weather. In the car, I told my son, Yohan to pray for some sunshine. Surprisingly, the rain began to subside and the sun began to shine as we reached San Juan Batangas.

We had an overnight stay at a small resort called Sigayan Beach Resort, where we also went last August 2008. In March 2007, we stayed at Balai Resort.

We spent the night at the cottage called Halaan 1 (Sigayan Resort Resort). Halaan is the local term for clam as evident by the painting on the wall. The cottage has 2 air conditioned rooms and 1 private bathroom. One bedroom has one double bed and one double deck and the other has one double deck. It has a small veranda that comes with a refrigerator, hot and cold water dispenser with one 5-gallon purified water and gas stove. The place is good for 6-8 people.

We were thankful that the sun was out when we arrived at the beach. Mount Lobo makes a beautiful backdrop.

My son didn't waste time and hurriedly went to play in the sand. He loves playing in the sand more than swimming. He brought his sand toys, toy truck and some plastic sea animals to complete the scene. :)

I thought we escaped the rain but towards the late afternoon, the dark clouds began to form. We were at the beach when the rain poured hard. It was a memorable moment because it was Yohan's first real bath under the rain. When he was younger, he experienced a little rain but this time it was the real thing. I wished I had a water proof camera with me to document it.

Last year, I wrote our names on the sand but this year, I decided to use pebbles that I gathered from the beach. I started with Yohan's name but I have to admit I got tired of looking for more pebbles and didn't push through making my name and hubby's name. Ha ha!

We spent the night at the resort. The weather improved the following day. Hubby and I had a wonderful time snorkeling while Yohan stayed with Yaya and our other helper. We all had a great time and we hope to go there again soon.

Planning to go to Laiya Batangas?

Here's a list of websites of some resorts in Laiya (arranged alphabetically):

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Snapshot #71

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Barney Birthday

First of all, I'm sorry for being an absent blogger for several days. I attended successive events which have kept me away from blogging. I'm back and eager to visit my favorite blogs.

Let me share a fun birthday we attended over the weekend. It was the 1st Birthday of hubby's niece and goddaughter, Yvaine. As you can see, the party theme was Barney and friends.

Cute birthday banner featuring the celebrant and her favorite pals.

Party Giveaways

Personalized M&Ms (each M&M has the
celebrant's picture and personal message).

Poolside venue with colorful party decors.

Yohan participating in the "Shopping List" game.

Yohan chose Lightning McQueen for his body tattoo.

The finished product.

Barney made a special appearance in the party.
In the photo: Yohan's Tita D and cousin S.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stylish Patio Furniture

Summer is a perfect time to take advantage of the sunny weather. It's nice to spend more time outdoors. I personally like spending time at the garden and lanai. When the weather is nice, I like to entertain guests at the lanai because of the relaxing ambiance.

We have a small covered lanai with patio furniture. Two weeks ago, I had some college friends over. The weather was perfect so we spent the day at the lanai. My hubby cooked several dishes and my friends brought some dessert and wine. Our lanai can be accessed through a sliding door from the dining room which makes it easy for guests to get food from the dining table and back outside. I really enjoyed that get together because my friends also brought their families with them. My son had a great time playing with the other kids. I brought out a bamboo mat and some toys for the kids. They had a wonderful time playing outdoors while my friends and I enjoyed a good chat.

The lanai is one of my favorite areas in the house. I like the open space surrounded by plants and flowers. I would like to make our lanai more appealing by adding one of those patio umbrellas. I would also love to replace some of the plastic chairs with stylish wicker furniture.

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day to all! I just got back from the beach with my family. We stayed overnight at the beach resort. I really had a great time. My son, Yohan enjoyed playing in the sand while hubby and I went snorkeling. I saw a lot of beautiful fish but sadly I saw something else ... a discarded junk food foil pack. Unfortunately, it was too deep for me to retrieve. I feel sad knowing that some people are so irresponsible when it comes to trash. The sea is not a garbage disposal. I hope that people will learn to care more for the environment before it's too late.

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Secure Future Health

Family medical history can have a great bearing on one's health. Whether you like it or not, you can be affected by certain ailments that run in your family. Sad to say, we have a family history of diabetes. My maternal grandmother had diabetes when she was still alive. I have several aunts and uncles who have developed diabetes at different points in their lives. I am happy that my mother did not get diabetes from her side of the family. However, it does not mean that I am totally safe from diabetes. I learned that Type 1 diabetes can be occur in people under age 40. Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, occurs later on in life. I'm more concerned about Type 2 diabetes because hereditary genes can make a person susceptible to this medical condition. The thought that there's a chance that I might develop diabetes, no matter how slim, scares me.

I value my health that's why I am open to procedures that could help improve my health and prevent onset of diseases. I read that C'elle can protect you from acquiring ailments that run in your family such as stroke, diabetes and breast cancer. I'm grateful that people like me can be shielded from ailments experienced by some members of the family. I'm fascinated that menstrual blood stem cells can help secure your future health. For a limited time, you can avail of the C'elle's $299 offer which is $400 off the regular price (Promo Code CN400). I think it's a gift because you now have a choice to change what you thought is inevitable. I believe that acting in the present can give you greater chances of protecting your future.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Snapshot #70

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Smile Good Enough To Eat

Yohan was thrilled to see a cute smiling face on his plate for breakfast ...

You could tell from Yohan's eyes that he just woke up. :)

BreadTalk's JJ Baby - chocolate filled smile.

My favorite - BreadTalk's Cheese Floss

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photo Hunt :: Purple

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I love these mini blueberry cheesecakes that my hubby bought from Tagaytay. I think they are small yummy purple treats. :)

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Gift of Good Health

When I see my son playing and having fun, I realize what a great blessing I have in life. I'm thankful to have a healthy child who has the chance to experience the wonderful things that life can offer. Good health is so precious and people should not take it for granted. One of the greatest fears I have in life is someone I love getting sick. I'll do everything I can to protect the people I love especially my family against sickness.

I'm fascinated by how science and technology have developed outstanding ways to safeguard people's health. I found out about the incredible advantages of Cryo-Cell for children. I think it will benefit children all around the world. I found out that this medical technology allows parents to cryogenically preserve their newborn's umbilical cord blood stem cells safely and securely. I realized how this medical advancement has the ability to protect the health and future of children around the world. I could only wish that I have known this while I was pregnant with my son. I'm not sure if my husband and I are still going to have another child but if we do, I believe that this medical procedure is worth taking because it will safeguard the health of my child.

Let me share an actual Cryo-Cell Customer Testimonial:

"My children are the most precious gifts that I will ever have and I want to do everything I can to make sure they are well. While I was pregnant with my first child, I would see articles and ads about cord blood and it bothered me that it was so expensive but what if I one day needed this blood. The reality of having only one chance or it really went in the garbage kept me wondering if I would regret not investing. What if he had cancer or his dad or I were sick, would that blood have been the cure? Through research, I came across Cryo-Cell International, Inc., a company with the most reasonable rates and the assurance of two holding facilities.

When I was pregnant with my second child, we wondered if one bank was enough? Finances were tighter and should we spend the money? Then we realized that his brothers blood might not match for the new baby. The next day, stories were breaking about how Cord blood had saved or changed the lives of children, one cancer, one cerebral palsy. Then we discovered that a friend was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma. He didn't bank his daughters blood and wished he had. Three years prior, I lost a friend to renal cancer when she was 29. We felt like it was our answer.

We are just beginning to see miracles that this blood can bring. We have two "life insurance policies", that is how we look at it. If anyone in the family gets ill, there is a chance that the blood could save our lives. If we don't use it, then it is there for our son's children."

mother of Parker and Davis

Cryo-Cell International Client

If you're interested, you may take advantage of free Baby Bjorn offer for enrolling by April 19, 2009.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Aloha Friday #65

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What movie are you looking forward to?

My son is a big fan of the movie Night At The Museum. We have a DVD copy of it and I can't remember how many times I've watched the movie with him. Yohan is very excited to watch Night At The Museum 2. He is very curious about the new characters. I'm looking forward to watching it with him.

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