Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Nice Reunion With Mommy Bloggers

Last Year (March 2008)

Last March 1, 2008, I met Raq and her beautiful family for the first time while they were on vacation in the Philippines. We had dinner at Burgoo (Podium) with other mommy bloggers.

L-R: Raq with daughters, Dine, Noemi, Cookie and Wenchie with their respective daughters, Feng (center), me, Lynn and Julie.

This Year (April 2009)

Raq is back in the country and last Tuesday evening was a perfect opportunity for a nice reunion with other mommy bloggers. The get together was held in the very same place as last year. It was a fun and memorable evening with friends. We missed some of the people from last year but it's nice to meet new friends. I'm very happy to meet Annamanila in person. It was also a pleasure to meet Aileen for the first time.

Back (L-R): Salen, me, Wenchie, Chats, Jane, Dine, Annamanila and Julie Front/Seated (L-R): Noemi, Aileen and Raq

I just love how blogging intertwines people and weaves friendships.

My son, Yohan was delighted to meet my blog friends.
(Photo borrowed from

Below are just some of the delicious dishes that evening.

Stone baked pizza

Seasoning the salad.

Seafood Caesar Supreme

Thank you Raq for the delicious dinner and the yummy chocolates.

After dinner I joined some of the mommy bloggers for a round of coffee and pastries. I enjoyed the chit chat and the laughter. I don't get to join them as often as I want but I always appreciate the moments I share with them.

Hope to see you again girls.

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Heart of Rachel said...

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Yohan is a very creative and expressive kid! So much detail in his drawing. :-) I saw that in person too at our EB.
-Pinay MegaMom

Great drawing! Love the birds!

That's a beautiful drawing! I love arts by kids. Happy Easter, Rachel!
-Alice Teh

happy Easter! Yohan is really an artist!

thats really good! i dont think i can draw as good as that half the time lol

Happy Monday na! God bless you!

Happy Easter! that is lovely!

Happy Easter to you and your family. Enjoy this wondeful time.

Happy Egg hunting and Happy Easter Rach, Jules and Yohan :)

Cute! Teacher Kat will give Yohan three stars!

Wow, very artistic si Yohan. Very nice interpretation of a cute bunny hop.

What a wonderful drawing with a very nice bunny - we will hunt for his egg in the forest tomorrow :-)