Saturday, March 01, 2008

An Evening With PMN Moms

It's fascinating how friendship can start from exchanging comments through online journals. Blogging has certainly rewarded me in so many ways and building friendships is one of the priceless rewards that I'm grateful for.

Raq (also known as Kengkay), a sweet mom from Germany, is here on vacation with her family and she invited PMN moms for a get together at Burgoo in Podium. I had a wonderful time meeting Raq and her lovely family. Her husband was very warm and friendly and I was easily won by her daughters' charms.

It was great to see Julie, Lynn, Feng, Dine and Noemi again for the second time. It was wonderful to finally meet Wenchie and Cookie in person, who were both with their lovely children.

I would like to share this photo taken that night...

L-R: Raq with daughters MC and IC, Dine, Noemi, Cookie with daughter Gaby, Wenchie with daughter Bea, Feng (center), me, Lynn and Julie.

Thanks to Raq and her family for the chocolates and the delicious dinner at Burgoo.

Special thanks to Vicki for the surprise package she sent me through Raq. Your thoughtfulness is a real blessing. Hope someday we can also meet in person.

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