Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Value of Quality Customer Service

In Marketing, I have learned the importance of quality service. I believe that it's the responsibility of companies to provide customers with quality products and services. The quality of a company's goods and services is a reflection of the firm's performance and dedication to its customer.

Poor products and inferior services can result to a negative impact on the company's overall sales performance. If a customer is dissatisfied or disappointed with what you offer, chances are he will not come back to make additional purchases or will refrain from getting your services. There is also a chance that the dissatisfied client will tell his family and friends about the company's poor products or services.

When it comes to credit cards, I value the significance of a good customer service especially when I have questions regarding transactions and if I have other problems related to my credit card. I still prefer to talk to another person rather than follow the prompt of a recorded voice at the end of the line. I feel more comfortable and at ease when I consult with a customer service agent whenever I have questions about some transactions or billing statements.

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