Monday, March 03, 2008

PMN March Fam Pic :: Learning

PMN Fam Pic Theme for March:

The PMN FAM Pic Theme for this month is Learning. Let me share with you the fun learning experience I shared with my son last Feb. 11, 2008 at The Science Craze Fair held in The Nazareth School. The fair called for the participation of students and their parents to perform experiments in different stations.

At Magical Colors Station, Yohan learned that by mixing some primary colors, one can come up with different hues, also known as secondary colors.

Blue + Red
Red + Yellow
Yellow + Blue

After experimenting with colors, the students were given a glass bottle for them to paint which they could bring home as a memorabilia of the Science Fair.

At Amazing Straws Station, Yohan learned about laws of inertia and force.

Yohan creating fun bubbles.

Yohan pretending to be the wind as he blows on the straw to let the paper boats sail on water.

Experimenting if air blown using a straw could make the following objects move: rock, candy wrapper, cotton, wood, paper and feather and others.

Recording his observations in a checklist provided by the teacher.

Learning together that day was fun and truly rewarding.

* Not included in the photos is the Giant Slide Station, where the kids learned about gravity.

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