Sunday, March 09, 2008

Weekend Snapshot #20

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Reviewing for Pre-School Exams

It's Yohan's Final Exams next week. Then it's summer vacation... I can't wait!

I thought it would be fun to make reviewing for Yohan's exam like a game. I pretended to be the teacher with two students ... Yohan and Jules.

Yohan was motivated to do the seat work I prepared after seeing his Dad do the same.

Drawing objects inside the box based on the number provided inside.

I used Sesame Street Flash cards to help Yohan review for counting. After a while, Yohan got a little bored with the flash cards so I just asked him to write 1 to 10 since his exam will only cover the said numbers.

He did as told with a few bonus numbers. I guess he easily got bored with the flash cards because he already knows how to count from 1 - 100. :)

Although Yohan already knows how to count from 1 - 100, he sometimes forgets how to write no. 2 properly. Sometimes he writes it facing the other way. After some practice, he was able to remember writing it correctly and hope he will remember it on the day of his exam.

Recess ~ My lil' student got hungry and asked for snack. What did he ask for? His favorite peanut butter. He doesn't want it on bread ... just plain ... served in a bowl.

I have no idea where he got this unusual snack habit but I remember the first time I served him peanut butter sandwich, I saw him open the bread and scrape some of the peanut butter with his finger. Then I noticed that whenever he had peanut sandwich for school snack, he wouldn't finish the whole thing and bring home dilapidated looking bread ... it was evident that all he wanted was the peanut butter. Ha ha!

In the picture, I insisted he eats something together with his peanut butter. I gave him some sliced bananas and crackers. I was able to convinced him to eat them with the peanut butter as long as I put them in a separate bowl.

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