Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heads or Tails #25

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Any Part of the House

Jen, over at Tidbits of the Tippets, is the guest host for Skittles’ Heads or Tales. Please go visit her.

I love spending time with my family in the "TV Room" ~ no, we don't have a big house, we just happen to call it that ever since. :)

The "TV Room" is obviously where we watch TV but we have also converted it to Yohan's play area. We've placed large multi-colored mats so Yohan can still play on the floor. It's a shoes-off-please area to maintain cleanliness. We had some wooden shelves and cabinets custom built.

Guess what are on the shelves and in the cabinets? ... Yohan's photo frames, books and toys. Yohan has accumulated a lot of toys over the years. Last year he was not ready to part with some of them but this year I was surprised when he agreed to give some toys that he is not using anymore. I told Yohan that some children only have a handful of toys and they would be delighted to receive toys from other children like him. I let him choose the toys that he was willing to give to other kids and I've placed them in a box. I'll give them away as soon as the box is full.

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