Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yohanism #16

It's been several months since I last shared a memorable Yohanism so I thought it would be nice to add more to this portion of memories. This only happened yesterday morning. In fact, this was what inspired me to write another Yohanism entry.

I was on my computer (in the bedroom) early in the morning and I didn't notice Yohan waking up. I just heard him say in a soft and mild tone ...

Yohan: "My heart is broken."

His voice caught me by surprise but I didn't go to him immediately because I decided to finish typing the last sentence on my blog. All I managed to say to him was ...

Me: "Why?"

Yohan: "Because you didn't kiss me good morning."

His words made me get up from my chair and go to him as fast as I can.

Me: "I'm so sorry." Then I gave him a big kiss.

Yohan: "My heart is fixed."

I felt so guilty after that and I even felt my eyes water. I immediately shut down my computer and brought Yohan downstairs. We ate breakfast together and we played with some of his Transformers after.

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