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March Blog Carnival :: I Dream of Peaches 'n Cream

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photo from Toni's blog

I'm joinining Toni's Blog Carnival again this month. For the month of March, the theme is a delicious one: I Dream of Peaches 'n Cream. I love peaches and I like the idea of adding cream to it. I asked my hubby to make something that uses both ingredients.

We love pancakes. Majority think that pancakes are best served for breakfast but my family loves eating pancakes any time of the day. In fact, pancakes can be a good dessert. Hubby made some pancake dessert last Wednesday which he served after dinner.

We have two "chefs" in the family. Below Chef 1 (hubby) is shown making pancakes with a twist. He added some sliced peaches.

Meanwhile Chef 2 (Yohan) thought of making his own dessert ... Flora Marshmallows seasoned with fun, dash of excitement and sprinkled with laughter.

Now back to Chef 1, he closed the pancake ala crepe style. He garnished it with chocolate frosting that he usually puts on cakes and topped the pancake with cream. Viola, Peach Pancakes.

Chef 2 thinks that Chef 1 did a great job and shows his approval. :)

How to make your own:

Just follow your basic pancake recipe but to make the pancake thinner than usual, add more water. Add slices of peaches in the middle, add all purpose cream and sprinkle some confectioner's sugar. Close the sides of the pancake. If desired, put some chocolate frosting on top then add cream. Let it cool and put inside the refrigerator for a few minutes . Serve as snack or dessert.

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