Friday, February 15, 2008

Aloha Friday #18

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What did you do on Valentine's Day?

This year, I noticed how Yohan seemed very excited about Valentine's Day, which happened to fall on a school day. The night before, Yohan asked me to help him make a card for his teacher and classmates. My son's teacher requested the students to wear something red on Valentine's day. Yohan brought a box of Munchkins (donut balls) that he could share with his classmates. Everyone brought snacks to share and they had a cozy Valentine celebration in the classroom.

After class, I was very happy to receive a heart-shaped Valentine's card from Yohan. He eagerly showed the card to his Dad when he picked us up after class. The three of us had lunch at H Kape, a nearby restaurant/coffee shop. We enjoyed a simple meal consisted of Clubhouse Sandwich, Chicken Kiev and Pork Spareribs.

To make Valentine's Day a little more special for our son, we gave him a Valentine's card and a small gift ... a Winnie the Pooh Valentine VCD. Yohan kissed me and his Dad to express his gratitude.

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