Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Revolution Tea

I personally like drinking tea because it's good for the body. There are many wonderful benefits from drinking tea. It is a great antioxidant, which helps protect cells from damage caused by what science refers to as free radicals. Some studies claim that tea can lower risk of cancer and other diseases. I also like the ability of tea in helping digestion that's why I prefer drinking it after meals.

Tea has evolved from the ordinary basic tea flavor into a variety of distinctive and interesting flavors that you can enjoy. Tea used to be the typical bitter-tasting ones available in paper bags but today, tea has become an enjoyable drink because of the different flavor enhancers that have been introduced. In fact, before I only see coffee shops around but now there are more places that feature tea as one of their best sellers.

A Premium Flavored Tea Company offers dynamic combination of the freshest full-leaf teas, fruits, herbs, spices and other natural flavorings. Revolution Tea is proud of its high quality and distinctive flavored Tea products.

You must have heard about red tea. It is not really a tea variety but an herbal tea preparation using Roobios, a South African herb. Rooibos Tea actually contains more antioxidants than the popular green tea. Its reddish brown color is achieved when naturally caffeine-free Roobios leaves are fermented. Rooibos is used in a variety of tea flavors that you might be interested to try such as Honeybush Caramel Tea, Citrus Spice Herbal Tea and Huckleberry Red Herbal Tea. Each flavor has its distinctive taste that refreshes your senses.

Cinnamon is one of my favorite flavor enhancers. I like the smell of cinnamon flavored bread and pies. The smell of freshly baked cinnamon goodies makes me want to stop and find where that heavenly scent is coming from. I like idea of combining my favorite cinnamon bread with Cinnamon Tea. A perfect delicious and healthy combination.

Make tea a daily health drink. If you're not yet a tea drinker, it's about time to make a healthy introduction in your lifestyle. Take advantage of tea's remarkable health benefits and choose a personal favorite tea flavor that you can enjoy.

You can also give tea as a unique gift for family and friends. Revolution Tea offers beautifully packaged Tea gifts that you can give to special people. Giving someone dear to you a healthy gift will reflect how much you care.

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