Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Snapshot #24

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We earlier attended the 1st birthday party of Devin, son of my college friend, Chinie and her husband Denn. The theme of the party centered on Pekkle, one of Sanrio's cute characters. Below is the cute invitation.

The birthday invitation.

We all had a wonderful time. Yohan enjoyed participating in the games and even won two prizes. He was fascinated with the magic show.

The parents had a chance to participate in a fun game. It was a Dads vs. Moms game and the objective was to name the tune of children songs. Jules was asked to join the Dads team. The Moms won the game and the host gave the Dads a consequence for losing the game ... a dance number. Ha ha! It was funny watching the Dads dance in the tune of the "Papaya song" (a popular Filipino novelty music).

The Dads were asked to render a dance number as a consequence.

Yohan was in front watching intently as the birthday celebrant and his older sister helped blow the birthday candle.

Cake blowing. The 2-layer cake was lovely with Pekkle as the cake topper.

All the kids received a Pekkle stuffed toy.

Yohan loved his Octopus balloon.

Cute stuff that Yohan got from the party.

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