Monday, April 14, 2008

I Miss My Old Printer

I miss using my old Epson Printer. I bought a Brother Printer two years ago because of its multiple uses. My Brother DCP-120C is a printer, copier and scanner in one. I wanted to get Epson's model with same features but it was several times more expensive so I chose Brother.

The thing about newer printers is that their ink cartridges come in 4: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. When a particular ink runs out, the printer will not work anymore. You need to replace the empty cartridge and put a new one in order for it to start operating again.

The photo above are the ink cartridges I bought over the weekend. I just can't believe that those cartridges cost me more than P3,000 (over $70). Ink cartridges can be quite expensive.

I miss my old Epson Printer because it only needs two cartridges - black and colored. It can even continue printing if one of the ink runs out. If the colored ink runs out, I can simply adjust settings to print in black and white and vise versa, something I cannot do with my new printer. I guess I should bring my old, dependable Epson Printer to a service center to have it fixed soon.

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