Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Heads or Tails #9

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Heads or Tails: TEN THINGS of your choice

TEN THINGS I wanted at some point in life or still want but just waiting for the right opportunity.

1. Cabbage Patch Kid - It became very popular in the 80s. I was in grade school and I wanted one. It wasn't available in the Philippines at that time so my parents weren't able to buy me a CPK.

2. Barbie Ken doll - I had several Barbie dolls and I wanted a Ken but never had one.

3. Iguana - Would you believe I wanted one as a pet? What was I thinking?

4. Pug - I find pugs so adorable. I wanted to get one but a pug is very expensive. I don't mind not having one because I'm happy with my dog Bruno, a black Labrador.

5. Cartier Love Bracelet - When I was in college, this bracelet became quite popular. Every bracelet came with "a tiny screwdriver to bolt it onto the wrist, signifying a committed relationship."

6. Return to Tiffany heart tag charm bracelet - It was sold out early. I checked the website and they still carry it. I still want one.

7. Trip to Disneyland - Now that there's one in Hong Kong, it's easier to plan about it. The problem is Yohan's fear of mascots. I have no idea when it started but he doesn't like seeing Mascots. Hope he outgrows this fear.

8. LV Pink Papillion - I was obsessed with it for a while. Now, I would rather have an LV Monogram.

9. LCD Monitor - Maybe Santa got my letter and give me one this Christmas.... maybe.

10. My Own Domain - I would really love one! Please help me win my own personal domain by clicking on my friend's site and leaving a short message there. The blogger who can convince the most number of readers to visit her blog wins free domain registration with hosting for 5 years on a Linux server.

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