Thursday, December 20, 2007

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I was tagged by Hailey to do this meme.

"How would you spend one more day, with someone you loved and lost?"

A few years ago, my dad's younger brother died of cancer. He was a wonderful uncle. I fondly called him by his nickname, Tito Bebot.

My Tito Bebot lived in London for more than 20 years. He always stayed with us in Manila whenever he came to the Philippines for a vacation. If I were to describe him in a sentence I would say ... He was a sweet person with a fabulous sense of style. He was fun to have around.

I was sad when I found out that he had cancer. One day, I got a surprise call from him. He was at the province for a vacation. He said he was going to call me when he goes to Manila. He called me a day before his flight back to London. He apologized for such a quick visit. I wasn't able to see him because our car was at the mechanic that time. We just talked on the phone for a while. I never thought it was going to be the last time I will every hear his voice.

After a few months on that same year, I received news that my Uncle Bebot has passed away because of cancer. I felt so sad and I regretted not seeing him on his last visit to the country. The unavailability of the car was not an excuse. If I could bring back time, I would have taken the bus to see him. I would have brought my family with me especially my son, Yohan so that we could spend quality time together with Tito Bebot. I would have brought him some Buko Pie because there was a time he requested me to bring him some from Batangas.

I miss him and I hope that he is happy and at peace.

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