Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Create Your Own Logo Design Online

There is now an easy way to come up with a company Logo Design. LogoYes is a site where you can make a Custom Logo Design based on your personal preferences.

The Free Logo and Business Card Creator allows you to come up with your own logo in a matter of minutes. You can choose your company's logo based on the image you want to project. Choose from hi-tech, bold or flair. Next step is to identify the industry where your company falls. Whether your company falls under accounting and finance, arts and entertainment, engineering, education and counseling, sports and leisure or another industry, you can make your own unique logo. Third step is to choose a symbol that you think will best fit your company. There are many symbols that you can choose from. After this is putting the company's name and finalizing the layout. Last step is deciding whether or not to buy the logo you created. If you are not satisfied with the logo you made, it is easy to reset the image and make a fresh one. Good news, they have reduced their price from $99 to $69.

I tried the site's free logo creator and made my own logo. You can see the cute logo I came up with above. I chose a lovely and simple butterfly and added my name.

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