Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Presentation

The Pre-school Department will be having a Christmas Presentation and Get Together Activity this coming Dec. 14, 2007. Pre-school students including my son, Yohan are required to come in costumes.

Nursery 1 Students are asked to wear plain black outfit with "Broadway" accent for the 1st and 2nd dance. Ex. Top hat, necktie, bow tie, scarf, tuxedo,vest and suspender.

The students will wear the same black attire with "Red Heart" accent for the3rd and 4th dance. Ex. heart headdress, headband with hearts, belt with hearts, pins, necklace and the like.

Tomorrow is Yohan's dress rehearsal. It seems that my husband and I are more excited than Yohan. :) I'll post some photos of Yohan's costume one of these days.

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