Friday, December 14, 2007

Photo Hunt :: Small

** Thanks to everyone who wished my son good luck on his presentation today. I really appreciate it. **

Come and join the hunt here.

In the spirit of Christmas, the Pre-school Department of The Nazareth School prepared a presentation where the kids shared several musical numbers - Broadway style. It was Yohan's first school presentation and we were all very excited. Families gathered to watch the pre-school students perform on stage.

Here are the accessories that Yohan used for the musical number in school. Each one (except for the lighting pin) was specially customized for Yohan.

1 - Top Hat (my husband made it from scratch. I will share a step by step procedure of how he made it on a separate post).

2 - A full aqua green beaded belt (this was made my my mother-in-law. She worked hard on sewing those small sequins, beads and costume jewels to make it a glamorous looking belt.

3 - An aqua green bow tie with a costume jewel sewed in the middle (also made by my MIL).

4 - An accent for Yohan's Top Hat (I made this accent for the 2nd dance using Velcro to wrap it around and secure around the hat. I used small silver hearts and a red heart made of Styrofoam).

5 - A small lighting heart pin (used for the 2nd dance).

6 - A red bow tie (my husband and I bought this at the mall and my MIL sewed small rectangular beads around the center of the bow tie to make it stand out).

7 - A red 'heart' belt (my MIL helped us transform an ordinary red ribbon into this fabulous belt by alternately sewing small red and silver sequins. I found the silver heart as a topper of a candy stick. I was inspired to use it as the center piece of the belt).

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