Monday, December 03, 2007

PMN December Fam Pic :: Messy

PMN Fam Pic Theme for December:
MESSY in a Fun Way

During family get togethers, I like bringing things to keep the kids busy. I usually bring some toys, books and art materials. I prefer bringing art materials because it helps the children stay put. As a mom, I'd like to see the kids busy doing fun and educational activities rather than see them running around everywhere.

I like bringing clay, clay molds, crayons, paper, paint, brushes and even disposable plastic aprons. Technically, they are disposable but I don't throw them right away. I keep them as long as they can still be used.

In the picture above, you could see me, supervising the kids in doing some art work. There was a party at my MIL's place. I bought some art materials for Yohan and his cousins. It was quite messy but the kids had a wonderful time and so did I.

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