Monday, October 02, 2006

Panic in the Air

It seems that after the typhoon, people went into a panic mode.

A day after the storm, I had to go to the grocery to buy milk and distilled water for Yohan. I was shocked when I saw the long queue's on all cashier lanes. I noticed that people seemed to be hoarding food and drinks. Many customers were also buying stacks of candles for the extended power failure.

Since there was no electricity, most houses had no water as well. The grocery was running out of bottled water. I was supposed to buy 3-4 large bottles of distilled water but was told that they sold out the large bottles that morning. Grocery staff attest that customers waited for them near the storage area to request for boxes of bottled water. The staff didn't have time to put the bottled water on the shelves because the water was sold out in a span of minutes. Instant noodles were also being sold like hotcakes.

There was even a shortage of gas in our area. Two gasoline stations were badly hit by the flood and had to be temporarily closed. As a result, there were several long lines at the only open gasoline station in the immediate area. Unfortunately a large truck infont of us was buying diesel by the drum. We had no choice but to wait for the driver to fill up 3 large container drums with diesel. Many of the cars were getting full tank of gas. I could almost smell the panic in the air.

Amidst the power failure, banks were offline and credit cards were temporarily not honored. Bummer!

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