Friday, October 13, 2006

Things That I Love

I love many things in this world but I've narrowed them down a bit. Here are some of the things that make me happy, make me smile and erase my frowns. They do not fall in any particular order.

1. Waking up to my son's exuberant "Good Morning!"
2. Getting good night kisses from Yohan and Jules.
3. Receiving compliments from family and friends.
3. Watching light romance and feel good movies.
4. Receiving new comments on my blog.
5. Seeing online readers on my blog aside from myself.
6. Eating a slice of Becky's blueberry cheesecake.
7. Shopping for new clothes.
8. Some quiet time to relax.
9. Blogging about life in general.
10. Reading other people's blogs.
11. Looking at a starlit sky.
12. Watching the sunset.
13. A field of sunflowers.
14. A slice of carrot cake.
15. Reuniting with friends.
16. Going to the beach.
17. Fun rides at the amusement park.
18. Winning stufftoys at the UFO catcher.
19. Talking to my parents and brother on the phone.
20. Opening presents.
21. Having our family picture taken by a professional.
22. Candid photos.
23. Receiving cards via snail mail.
24. Breakfast on a sunday morning.
25. Moonbeams on water.
26. Family vacations.
27. Walking Bruno around the village.
28. Leisure car rides.
29. Trying new restaurants.
30. Enjoying a great dessert after a wonderful main course.
31. Eating at Antonio's in Tagaytay.
32. Buying Yohan new trains for his Thomas and Friends collection.
33. Having my parents and brother over for vacation.
34. Jeans that fit just right.
35. Having my haircut and threading at Rever.
36. Getting facial treatments at Facial Haus.
37. Bite sized chocolates.
38. Jules' homemade cooking.
39. Dad's work of art.
40. Mom's generosity.
41. Yohan's funny antics.
42. Yaya's sinigang.
43. Jun'Jun's great sense of humor.
44. Spending quality time with my bestfriends.
45. Bonding with my family.
46. Custom made cakes and pastries.
47. Cuddling in bed with Jules and Yohan.
48. The cool weather during December.
49. Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions with family.
50. A stress-free day.

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