Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat at Dasma

A fashionista angel, a zombie in blood stained shirt and a blue Power Ranger ... Tisha, Dee-Dee and Yohan were all wearing their Halloween costumes when they went trick-or-treating at Dasma earlier today. Carrying their respective pumpkin baskets, the three children went house to house to collect goodies.

After walking two blocks, the blue Power Ranger sat on the pavement and begged, "No more walking." Yohan was pooped out from the short hike. His Dad went to the rescue by getting the car. The trick-or-treaters travelled in style.

One house stood out from the rest because of its life sized Halloween decorations. Freddy Cougar looked uncomfortably real. Skeletons, witches and ghouls greeted children at the entrance. Yohan was hesitant to pose with the frightening characters but his Dad and cousins were able to convince him that they were not real.

The children got spooked when a man in a hideous mask tried to grab them. Some houses prepared Halloween tricks of their own.

Many gave away candies, chocolates, chips and tetra pack drinks. Some gave away ice-cream cones, cotton candies and even barbecue.

Too bad I missed all the action. They dropped me off at Facialhaus for my Diamond Peeling appointment. Yohan didn't seem to mind because his Dad was with him together with two cousins and two aunts.

When I met them after their trick or treat activity, Yohan proudly showed me his basket filled goodies.

Yohan's Uncle Keats treated us dinner at Dayrit's. Yohan finished his rice and roast beef. I'm not surprised how hungry he was after such an eventful day.

He fell asleep on our way home. I guess he was exhausted from all the trick-or-treating.

I'm so happy that Yohan had a wonderful time today.

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