Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Bully's Victim

I was a victim of a bully when I was in grade two. I cannot remember her face but she was my classmate. I remember how afraid I was of her. She would order me to give her my sanrio things or else something bad would happen to my family. I was very young and innocent that I immediately took her words as the truth.

My mom would always buy me small and cute sanrio things to add to my collection like pencils, stationaries, wallet, pencil case, stamp pads, etc. My classmate probably got envious of my things and thought of a devious plan to get them from me. I just couldn't believe that a young girl my age could resort to bullying just to get her hands on my sanrio.

I still remember the first time ... she ordered me to give her my My Melody pencil, matching eraser and ruler. She told me that if I didn't give her what she wanted, something very bad will happen to my Dad and Mom. I was terrified. I was too afraid to report her to my teacher. I just kept mum about it.

A few days after, she asked me to hand over my new Hello Kitty wallet. It even had some money inside it. I gave it to her because I feared that something might happen to my parents if I resisted. My mom noticed that I didn't have my wallet. When she asked me where it was, I told her I lost it in school.

It became a regular thing to the point that I dreaded going to school. Although I cannot remember the bully's face, I recall that she was just my size. She wasn't the bully that stood taller than most people. She was just a typical girl in school.

I remember crying at night because of fear. My mom and yaya heard me crying one time but I didn't tell them about the bully. I was too afraid to tell.

One time, we went to school in our sunday dresses. I had my Little Twin Stars shoulder bag. The bully wanted it on first sight. I told her that she couldn't possibly have it because my mom would notice it's gone for sure. But the bully gave me an ultimatum. She said that if I didn't hand her my bag, something terrible would happen to my whole family the next morning. I felt I had no choice so I gave her my bag.

That was the last straw. It seemed that my mom had noticed a change in me but just couldn't pinpoint the reason. When she found out that I "lost" my bag, she knew something was amiss. Her maternal instinct kicked in. She told me to tell her the whole truth and assured me that everything would be alright because she was there to protect me.

I told her everything. My mom immediately set a meeting with my class adviser and the bully's mom. I don't know what happened during that closed room meeting. I just remembered being happy because I recovered all the items that the bully took from me. My Dad and Mom talked to me after that incident. They told me to always tell them the truth because there is nothing to fear. I felt very secure because I knew how much my parents love me and they would do anything to protect me.

It was an unforgettable childhood experience.

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