Sunday, October 29, 2006

Facial for Two

Went to Bioessence Facialhaus with Jules yesterday for our facial treatment. It's been three months since our last facial. We were too busy to set an appointment so we kept delaying our visit to the clinic. Weeks turned to months.

Maggie, my skin therapist greeted us with a warm welcome. I brought her a belated birthday gift. It was her birthday last Oct. 25. Maggie is not only my regular skin therapist but she became a good friend as well. We enjoy chatting during my treatment. We talk about everything under the sun. We often talk about personal things like our families. I feel very at ease with Maggie because of her friendly and trustworthy nature.

It was Facialhaus' 12th year anniversary yesterday. The clinic was decorated with frills and the staff were all dressed at their best. They had a Filipiniana theme.

My routine facial treatment takes 2 1/2 hours while Jules' basic mint facial only takes 30 minutes. Jules usually strolls around the mall to pass the time while waiting for me.

Jules was already in the reception area waiting for me when I got out of the treatment room. We always feel clean and rejuvinated after having our facials.

Later that day, I received a text from Maggie afer we left the clinic. She thanked me for the gift and she said she picked a prize on my behalf. I think the clinic had a raffle of prizes for regular clients. Maggie said I won a free foot spa. I could claim it on my next visit. Now, that's a nice treat.

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