Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Topless Sandals Are Here!

My Topless Sandals finally arrived! Jules uncle who is a pilot, bought it in Japan for me. I was supposed to pay him but to my delight, he gave it to me as a gift. He didn't accept my payment because he said it was his advance Christmas gift for me. How thoughtful!

I love my topless sandals. I haven't seen anyone wearing it yet so I'll probably be among the first few to have a pair here. It's eye catching because it doesn't have straps. It has special adhesive that sticks to your feet. I'm sure people will wonder how you can wear it without falling off. The sandals come with one toe thong. It is like a foot jewelry. Toe thongs come in different colorful beads and it is elastic so that it stretches to fit most feet.

Now I need to have a nice pedicure to show off my new sandals.

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