Friday, October 20, 2006

Last Year's Christmas Decors

Remembering last new's Christmas decors... Jules decorated last year's Christmas tree. Yohan and I helped him a little. Our tree will be two years old this coming Christmas.

The big Santa is always hanged at the lanai. We bought it at a Christmas Bazaar in Alabang four years ago. The saxophone playing Santa grooves to the beat of his own music. It was a Christmas gift to us by my mother-in-law several years ago.

The stockings have personal stitching of our names. I bought them at Festival Mall in Alabang.

The candle sticks, Santa Claus resin figures, Santa on a sleigh and the Nativity were given to us by my Mom. The mini resin Christmas tree came from my mother-in-law. We also have nice parols that were purchased from Bicol.

How about you? How do you decorate your home during Christmas?

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