Friday, October 13, 2006

When I Was Just A Little Girl

I remember when I was young, my mom or my yaya (nanny) would tie my hair in pigtails. My yaya also loved braiding my hair. I had a collection of colorful hair accessories.

I miss so many things back then. Looking back, I M I S S ...

- having my waist length hair styled by my mom or yaya
- playing jackstones, agawan base, patentero and taguan (hide and seek) with friends
- playing dress up with my barbie dolls
- eating whatever i liked and not worrying about calories and cholesterol
- simple joys like going to C.O.D. with my parents to watch Christmas shows
- receiving aginaldo(presents) from my ninongs and ninangs (godparents) during Christmas
- collecting all kinds of Sanrio items especially Hello Kitty, My Melody and Little Twin Stars
- blowing candles on my birthday cake
- trading stationaries and stickers with my friends
- having plenty of time to play with my dog
- having picnics with my family
- wearing cute girly dresses
- sharing a home with my dad, mom and brother
- getting gifts from Santa Claus
- being carefee and oblivious to the problems around me

It's so nice to reminisce about the past especially when you have fond memories to go back to.

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