Thursday, October 26, 2006

S&R Replaces Pricesmart

Pricesmart (membership shopping) suddenly closed down several months ago to the great dismay of its members. Pricesmart did not issue a letter or any announcement whatsoever that it was closing down. As a member I felt cheated somehow because I did not get the equivalent one year use of my membership which I already paid in full. It's only my second year as a member. The first year went by without a problem then on the second year, Pricesmart left its members hanging on air without so much as a clue as to what happened to them.

Recently, we heard that new management has taken over Pricesmart. When we went to Alabang branch, we saw that the Pricesmart warehouse has a new name - S&R Membership Shopping. Jules and I decided to inquire if by any chance they accept Pricesmart cardholders. Our inquiry was not in vain. Infact, good news to Pricesmart cardholders, the new S&R Membership Shopping is honoring all valid cardholder members. Just present your old Pricesmart card and they will replace it with a new S&R card on the spot. S&R will officially open in the middle of November 2006 but their office is now open to receive inquiries and process card applications.

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